Parasurama Temple Attirala

Parasurama Temple Attirala

Parasurama Temple Attirala History

Attirala is mentioned in the epigraphs as Artirevula, Araturevula andd Araturela.  In two Tamil inscriptions, the village is called Thiruvarattorai. It is called Mackenzie Manuscripts as Attirala, Hattirala and Hatyarala. Attirala is the name of a tree, So attirala is indicative of trees.

Legend of Parasurama Temple Attirala

In Trethayuga, Jamadagini the great sage suspecting the chastity of his wife asked his son to cut off her head, but the first two were reluctant to obey his orders. His third son Parasurama obeyed his father and thus incurred the sin of Killing his mother. At his request, Jamadagni asked his son to make pilgrimages to holy kshetras to get rid of his sin.  Thus parasurama went all around `kshetras, but he was free from the sin only after taking bath in the Cheyyeru Madugu and offering worship to the god Tretesvara.  From then onwards this place got the name Hatyarala (Hathya in Sanskrit means to be killed and ralu in Telugu means to fall). The present form Attirala is said to be corrupted form of Hatyarala.

In Amarakosa, Cheyyeru is mentioned as Bahuda Saitavhaini.


Stories associated with Parasurama Temple Attirala

Sankha and Likitha two brahmin brothers were living on either side of the river. Likitha used to cross the river to learn Sastra from his elder brother. One day while on the way to his brother’s house, he felt hungry and plucked two mangoes from the garden. Then he informed his brother about his doings. Sankha asked him to report this King and get the punishment for the theft. The king Ravivarma, ruling over Pottanipindu , ordered his staff to cut off his two arms. Then Likitha came to his brother without arms. Sankha asked his brother to take bath in this river. When Likitha had his bath in the river with devotion, his hands were restored. As the river gave hands to Likitha, it got the name Cheyyeru ( In Telugu, Cheyyi means Hand, Yeru means river)


Parasurama Temple Attirala


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