Pananchikkal Bhagawati

Pananchikkal Bhagawati History, Pooja details

Pananchikkal Bhagawati History

On the southern side of the temple complex, there is a temple dedicated to Goddess Pananchikkal. This is a Vana-Durga exposed to the Sun and Rain without any roof.

Once there was a Yakshi roaming in the temple premises, harassing devotees. With fear, devotees approached Saint Vyaghrapada for protection. The stage turned to Stambha Vigneswara on the North-Eastern side of the temple at the Entrance. Vigneswara cast a significant glance on Trishul, cut the woman into three pieces. The trunk was thrown on the southern side of the temple, the head at Muthedathu Kavu, 4 Km away and legs at Kuttummel to the north of the temple.

The Yakshi in a previous birth had been a Gandharva damsel, by name Neelakuntala. She once mocked at Sage Agastya and his disciples returning to their Ashram after praying Vaikathappan. Angered Rishi cursed her to become Yakshi and promised liberation at the hands of Trisuli.

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