Pallikondeswara Swamy Surutapalli Pradosha Pooja

Sri Pallikondeswara Swamy Surutapalli Pradosha Pooja Procedure

What is Pradosham?

Pradosham means the removal of sins. Pradosha Kalam is the best time to offer prayers to Lord Shiva.

Pradosha Kalam comes twice in a month

1st Pradosha Kalam ( 4:30 pm – 600 pm ) falls on the 13th day (Trayodasi) in the first fifteen moon days i.e New moon to Full moon day.  First, fifteen days is called Shukla Paksha.

2nd Pradosha Kalam ( 4:30 pm – 600 pm )  falls on the 13th day ( Trayodasi) in the next fifteen days i.e Full moon day to New Moon day. Next fifteen days is called Krishna Paksha.

Pradosham means Trayodasi tithi falling in the evening of both Shukla and Krishna Paksha.

Benefits of Pallikondeswara Swamy Surutapalli Pradosha Kalam Pooja?

One should perform pooja during Pradosha Timings to get rid of all sorts of afflictions. Poverty, miseries, calamities, adversities, grief, debt and diseases are troubling those who forgot their Lord. Praying during this time will give Moksha.

When Pradosham coincides with Saturday it is known as ‘Shanti Pradosham’. It is said that on this day all other Gods and goddesses assemble at Mount Kailash to worship Lord Shiva. This bestows all kinds of wealth and comfort to the devotee.

Pradoshanam Timings on Trayodasi

Uthama Prodhosham6 am – 6 amMaximum power
Mathima Pradhosham6 pm – 6 pmNormal power
Athama Pradhosham6 pm – 4:29 pmMinimum power


Sri Pallikondeswara Swamy Surutapalli Pradoshan Pooja Days in 2015

Nov month1st Nov
15th Nov
30th Nov – Maha Sani Pradosham
Dec Month14th Dec-  Maha Sani Pradosham
30th Dec

Surutapalli Temple Timings :  6 am – 1 pm and 3:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Sri PalliKondeswara Swamy Temple is open completely for the Pradosham Day

Surutapalli Temple Gallery

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