Tirumala Temple Darshan Time Today

Tirumala Temple Darshan Time Today

8th Nov: Tirumala Temple Darshan Time Today , Arjitha Seva Tickets availability, Rooms availability. Raining heavily in Tirupati and Tirumala Today.

Current Running Queue Timings

S.No Darshan Type Compartments Occupied Darshan Time
1 Sarva Darshan (Free Darshan) 7-8 hours
2 Divya Darshan ( By Walk To Tirumala) 5-6 hours

Expecting Darshan waiting time 9th Nov

  1. Laghu Darshan in Tirumala.
  2. Divya Darshan will be 4 hours.
  3. Sarva Darshan will be 3 hours
  4. Angapradakshinam tickets are issued at CRO office Opp Tirumala Bus station at 2 pm, Queue line usually starts by 11 am.

Rooms allotment is on First-cum-First Serve Basis. Below mentioned chart changes from time to time.

Please visit C.R.O Room allotment/ MBC 34 Room allotment Counter/ Padmavathi Guest House Room allotment counter. Each of these counters will have a different allotment process.

Below is the display from C.R.O Office Tirumala

Free Rooms 5
Rs. 50 3
Rs. 100 1
Rs. 500 0

SriVari Arjitha Seva Tickets

Arjitha Seva tickets are available today for Current booking and Lucky Dip booking.

One comment

  1. Dear Kamal

    what is laghu,maha laghu darshan.

    with 3 lane system how is possible for laghu darshan.

    The amount of jostling (pull and push ) between Mahadawram and main temple can not be expressed in terms.No untoward is taking place by DIVINE GRACE.
    I Tried to book on line seva tickets ( archana/NPD/SUPRABHATAM ) ,Could not book – with remarks
    another transanction in process launch browser again.( ON 6/11/2015)
    whenThere is no rush also mahalaghu darshan is implemented on monday(2/11/2015.)
    Q LINE for Rs 300/ starts about 3km from main temple, even though there was no rush .
    To be precise one can sprint ( can run ) in the Q line.
    Kamal pl.highlight these points and bring to the notice of EO TTD.

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