Narayana Bali Pooja in Gokarna Cost and Benefits

Narayana Bali Pooja in Gokarna Procedure and Benefits, Pooja Cost. Gokarna Temple is known for Dosha Nivaran Pujas.

Puja Duration: 3 hours, 30 minutes to 4 hours (including pooja preparation).

No.of Priests: 2 to 3 Brahmins.

Puja cost: Rs.14500 (Including Non-Ac accommodation and Lunch for 2 members).

Moksha Narayan Bali Puja Dress Code

A male devotee wears a dhoti and a shirt. A female devotee is allowed to watch the puja rituals. saree/chudidhar with dupatta/half saree for female devotees.

When should I perform the Narayana Bali Pooja?

  1. Any unnatural death in the family such as a Road accident, Fire accident, Jumping out of a building, Drowning in the water, Consuming poison etc
  2. Any death under 55 years
  3. Frequent abortion
  4. Marriage delay
  5. financial loss
  6. Differences within the family

Narayana Bali Pooja in Gokarna Procedure

  1. Suddhi: Mantap cleaning process.
  2. Sankalp: Sankalp can be performed with Gothra and Nama for any person. The purpose of the Puja will be performed at the beginning.
  3. Ganapathi Puja: Vinayaka Puja marks the beginning of the Puja.
  4. Departed souls Avahana using coconut
  5. With the Pindadan, food will be offered to the departed souls
  6. Kala Sthapana and Deities Deities Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra and Savitra Avahanam
  7. Panchaka Shraddh is the process of offering Five Pindas to Lord Vishnu
  8. Vedic priests chant Narayana Bali Mantras while performing Homa
  9. Thila Homa for Pitru Dosh Nivaran
  10. Purnahuthi marks the completion
  11. 10 types of offerings or donations to the Brahman at your convenience.

To speak to Pandit, Please call or WhatsApp at 810-556-7973

A minimum of 7 to 10 days of booking is advisable for the Pitru Dosh Nivaran Pujas. The rush will be high on special days. Amavasya days and Pitru Paksha days are highly preferred.

Narayana Bali Pooja Benefits in Gokarna

  1. Pitru Dosh Nivaran
  2. Remove

Narayana Bali Pooja 2024 Dates in Gokarna Cost

MonthNarayan Bali Puja Dates
Jan 20244jan, 8Jan, 13Jan, 18Jan, 21Jan, 23Jan, 25Jan, and 31Jan
Feb 20241Feb, 4Feb, 6Feb, 15Feb, 18Feb, 22Feb, and 27Feb
Mar 20241Mar, 3Mar, 6Mar, 8Mar, 13Mar, 16Mar, 20Mar, 26Mar and 30Mar
Apr 20242Apr, 4Apr, 9Apr, 12Apr, 16Apr, 20Apr, 22Apr, 26Apr, 29Apr
May 20241May, 7May, 10May, 14May, 17May, 19May ,24May ,27May, 29May
Jun 20243Jun, 6Jun, 10Jun, 13Jun, 16Jun, 20Jun, 23Jun, 25Jun, 30Jun
Jul 20243Jul, 7Jul, 11Jul, 14Jul, 17Jul, 20Jul, 22Jul, 28Jul, 31Jul
Aug 20243Aug, 10Aug, 13Aug, 15Aug, 20Aug, 23Aug, 30Aug
Sep 202412 Sep, 18Sep, 21Sep, 24Sep, 28Sep, and 30 Sep
Oct 20243Oct, 7Oct, 9Oct, 14Oct, 17Oct, 21Oct, 24Oct, 29Oct
Nov 20243 Nov, 7Nov, 9Nov, 14Nov, 17Nov, 21Nov, 29Nov
Dec 20241Dec, 4Dec, 6Dec, 12Dec, 18Dec, 21Dec, 26Dec and 31Dec
2024 puja calendar

Narayana Bali Pooja Benefits in Gokarna

  1. Removes Pitru Dosha
  2. A departed soul would attain Moksha
  3. Family wellbeing
  4. Peace of mind
  5. Removes Dosha related to Pregnancy and Marriage.

Auspicious days for Narayana Bali Pooja

  1. Amavasya day (Not on Surya or Chandra Grahan days)
  2. Pitru Paksha days (29Sep 2023 to 14Oct 2023)
  3. Mahalaya Amavasya Day (October 14, 2023) is highly preferred for Pitru Dosh Puja
  4. Puja dates as mentioned in the above chart.
  5. Shukla Paksha days

When will the Narayan Bali Pooja be performed in Gokarna?

  1. Ladies can participate after the 8th day of their menstrual cycle
  2. One must stop having non-vegetarian food three days before puja.
  3. This Puja can be performed any day from the 4th month (deceased person)
  4. This Puja is a must to pacify the departed soul so that the soul can attain Moksha.
  5. Astrologer will let you know after checking the Birth chart.

Instructions to follow after Gokarna Moksha Narayan Bali Puja

  1. For a week, no non-vegetarian or alcoholic beverages.
  2. Not to have outside food or at any parties for a week
  3. Consume only Veg food prepared at Home during this time.
  4. Not to visit any temple for a week after performing Puja.