Narayan Nagbali Puja Dates

Narayan Nagbali Puja Dates, Timings and Booking procedure

Mahalaya Amavasya and Pitru Paksha dates are highly preferred for this Pooja.

2022 Narayan Nagbali Puja Dates



January 2022

11Jan, 18Jan, 22Jan

February 2022

1Feb, 7Feb, 11Feb, 22Feb, 28Feb

March 2022

6Mar, 14Mar, 24Mar, 28Mar

April 2022

4Apr, 10Apr, 14Apr, 19Apr, 24Apr, 30Apr

May 2022

3May, 8May, 14May, 21May, 27May, 31May

June 2022

4Jun, 9Jun, 13Jun, 17Jun, 23Jun, 27Jun

July 2022

1Jul, 7Jul, 11Jul, 15Jul, 21Jul, 28Jul

August 2022

4Aug, 7Aug, 11Aug, 17Aug, 20Aug, 25Aug

September 2022

8Sep, 13Sep, 16Sep, 19Sep, 22Sep

October 2022

1Oct, 11Oct, 14Oct, 18Oct, 28Oct

November 2022

1Nov, 12Nov, 15Nov, 20Nov, 24Nov, 28Nov

December 2022

4Dec, 12Dec, 19Dec, 26Dec

January 2023

1Jan, 8Jan, 12Jan, 22Jan, 28Jan

February 2023

1Feb, 5Feb, 12Feb, 19Feb, 24Feb

March 2023

4Mar, 13Mar, 18Mar

2021 Puja Dates

S.No Month Puja Dates
1 Jan 1st Jan, 7th Jan, 10th Jan, 13th Jan, 16th Jan, 19th Jan, 25th Jan and 28th Jan
2 Feb 3rd Feb, 6th Feb, 10th Feb, 14th Feb, 17th Feb, 20th Feb, 24th Feb
3 Mar 2nd Mar, 5th Mar, 9th Mar, 12th Mar, 15th Mar, 18th Mar, 21st Mar, 24th Mar, 30th Mar
4 Apr 2nd Apr, 5th Feb, 8th Apr, 11th Apr, 14th Apr, 17th Apr, 20th Apr, 26th Apr, 29th Apr
5 May 2nd May, 5th May, 8th May, 12th May, 14th May, 17th May, 23rd May, 26th May, 30th May
6 Jun 2nd Jun, 5th Jun, 8th Jun, 11th Jun, 14th Jun, 20th Jun, 22nd Jun, 24th Jun, 26th Jun, 29th Jun
7 Jul 1st Jul, 3rd Jul, 6th Jul, 8th Jul, 11th Jul, 17th Jul, 21st Jul, 24th Jul, 28th Jul, 31st Jul
8 Aug 3rd Aug, 5th Aug, 7th Aug, 13th Aug, 16th Aug, 19th Aug, 22nd Aug, 26th Aug
9 Sep 1st Sep, 4th Sep, 8th Sep, 11th Sep, 14th Sep, 17th Sep, 22nd Sep, 25th Sep, 28th Sep
10 Oct 1st Oct, 7th Oct, 10th Oct, 13th Oct, 16th Oct, 22nd Oct, 23rd Oct, 26th Oct, 28th Oct
11 Nov 3rd Nov, 6th Nov, 8th Nov, 10th Nov, 13th Nov, 16th Nov, 19th Nov, 22nd Nov, 25th Nov
12 Dec 1st Dec, 4th Dec, 7th Dec, 10th Dec, 13th Oct, 16th Dec, 19th Dec, 22nd Dec, 28th Dec, 31st Dec

Narayan Nagbali Puja Dates in a month are fixed so devotees have to plan accordingly.

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  1. what is the total cost for performing Naraayana Bali pooja? My son is eldest in the house. He is unmarried. Can he perform pooja as his both parents are alive?