Naga pratishta in Trimbakeshwar Timings Cost and Booking

Naga pratishta in Trimbakeshwar Timings, Cost and Booking Procedure

Naga pratishta is performed in trimbakeshwar by doing the pujas to the naga pratima and the pratistha is done by chanting mantras. It helps in overcoming all the obstacles arising due to naga dosha or sarpa dosha. This Prathishta is performed to appease naga devata and get relief from sarpa dosha or naga dosha. Trimbakeshwar is one of the jyotirlingas and very powerful kshetras to perform rituals like nagapratistha and bring fortune to one life.

Puja Duration: 3 to 4 hours.

Who should do perform Naga pratishta Puja?

One who is affected by any of the following doshas should do this pariharam.

  1. Kalathira Bosham
  2. Kala sarpa dosham
  3. Rahu kethu dosham
  4. Sarpa/naga dosham

Naga pratishta in Trimbakeshwar Pooja Procedure

  1. Ganapathi pooja
  2. Maha sankalpam
  3. Kalasha pooja
  4. Nava naga avanahanam
  5. Lakshmi Narayana and shiva parvati avahanam
  6. Panchsukta parayanam
  7. Homam
  8. Poornahuti
  9. Abhishekam to naga shila Pratima
  10. Alankaram pooja
  11. Naga shila pratisthapana

Benefits of Naga Pratishta

  1. Helps in getting rid of sarpa dosha or naga dosha.
  2. Getting relief from the problems arising in childbirth delays.
  3. Helps in marriage-related issues like delayed marriage.
  4. Helps in business growth and personal growth in life.

Naga pratishta Puja cost

This puja cost starts from 10,000/- to 30,000/- the difference in the price is due to the number of total matras chating and the number of Brahmins.

Puja Dress code

While performing naga pratishta pooja it is suggested that men should wear a dhoti kurta and females should wear a saree.

Gents: Dhoti (White) & Shirt or Kurta & Pyajama.
Ladies: Saree or Salwar Kameez (With Pallu Compulsory).
All pilgrims are requested not to wear clothes such as T-shirt, Jeans etc as the same are strictly prohibited irrespective of any age group.

For more details, Please call on 73768 77047

This Puja is performed outside the temple and advance booking is required as to order customized Naga Idol.

Naga pratishta 2023 Dates in Trimbakeshwar

Month Naga Prathishta 2023 Dates
May 2023 1May,3May, 5May, 7May, 8May, 10May, 13May, 14May, 17May,19May, 21May, 22May, 24May, 26May, 28May, 30May
Jun 2023 1Jun ,3Jun ,4Jun ,6Jun ,8Jun ,10Jun ,11Jun ,12Jun ,15Jun, 17Jun, 18Jun, 20Jun, 22Jun, 25Jun, 26Jun, 29Jun
Jul 2023 1Jul, 2Jul ,3Jul, 5Jul, 7Jul, 9Jul, 10Jul, 13Jul, 15Jul, 16Jul, 17Jul, 20Jul, 22Jul, 23Jul, 24Jul, 26Jul, 29Jul, 30Jul
Aug 2023 1Aug, 3Aug, 6Aug, 7Aug,8Aug, 11Aug, 13Aug, 14Aug, 15Aug, 16Aug, 19Aug, 20Aug, 21Aug, 24Aug, 26Aug, 27Aug, 28Aug, 30Aug
Sep 2023 2Sep, 3Sep, 4Sep, 7Sep, 9Sep, 10Sep, 11Sep, 12Sep, 15Sep, 17Sep, 20Sep, 23Sep, 24Sep, 28Sep
Oct 2023 1Oct ,2Oct ,3Oct ,6Oct ,8Oct, 9Oct, 12Oct, 14Oct, 15Oct, 17Oct, 19Oct, 22Oct, 24Oct, 26Oct, 28Oct, 29Oct, 30Oct
Nov 2023 2Nov, 4Nov, 5Nov, 6Nov, 8Nov, 10Nov, 12Nov, 13Nov, 14Nov, 16Nov, 18Nov, 19Nov, 20Nov, 22Nov, 25Nov, 26Nov, 27Nov, 30Nov
Dec 2023 2Dec, 3Dec, 5Dec, 7Dec, 10Dec, 11Dec, 12Dec, 13Dec, 16Dec, 17Dec, 20Dec, 22Dec, 24Dec, 25Dec, 27Dec, 29Dec, 30Dec, 31Dec