Mulasthaneswara Swamy Temple

Mulasthaneswara Swamy Temple is located in Mulapet area in Nellore. This temple is of 1400 years old and is located to the west of Nellore. Manumasidhi rulers constructed the Raja Gopuram. As the Lord manifested himself under Nelli tree (Philanthus Emblica), Uru means village, thus the place got the name as Nellore.

Legends associated with Mulasthaneswara Swamy Temple

Tikkana Somayaji started Mahabharatha translation into Telugu only after offering prayers to the deity here.

The legend goes this way, There was a cattle baron by name Mukanti Reddy, who used to gaze on the rich grass in the forest. One day Mukanti noticed that one of his cows is not yielding milk and instructed cowherd to keep an eye on this cow and find out why it is not giving milk. The cowherd kept an eye on the cow and followed it when it moved away from the others. Cowherd noticed that cow is emptying its milk on an ant-hill. In a bit anger he raised his axe to beat the cow, a cow escaped from the cowherd’s axe but it hit the rock in the ant-hill from where the blood starts oozing out.

Cowherd in fear ran to his master and updated the same on this. Later in the night, Mukanti had a dream, where it is instructed by natural spirits to build a temple for this Shiva Lingam. As instructed, Mukanti built the temple, Thus the place came to known as ‘Mulasthana Ishwara’.

How to reach Mulasthaneswara Swamy Temple?

  1. Temple is located in Mulapeta, which is 2 km from Nellore bus station.
  2. It is 133 km away from Tirupati. The direct bus is available from Tirupati to Nellore at regular intervals.
  3. Bus frequency is quite high from Tirupati and Chennai cities to Nellore.

Mulasthaneswara Swamy Temple

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