Mopuru Bhairaveshwara Swamy Temple

Mopuru Bhairaveshwara Swamy Temple

Mopuru Bhairaveshwara Swamy Temple is located near to pulivendula town, Kadapa district. The temple is situated on a hilllock surrounded by a river and villages of Nallacheruvu Palle, Kondreddi Palle, Nare Palle etc of Vemula Mandal of Kadapa district.

Legends of Mopuru Bhairaveshwara Swamy Temple

Legend says that Lord Shiva after granting wish to Bhasmasura, the demon was in a fix and stood in the form of rock as Bhairaveswara on this hilllock and Lord Vishnu in the form of Mohini enticed Bhasmasura for his own death at this place. The name Mohanagiri Bhairaveswara later changed to Mopuri came into Bhairaveswara in the present form.

It is believed that the rock form of Bhairaveswara was growing continuously and his sister put her hand over him to stop the growth of the rock. Enraged by this Lord Bhairaveswara asked her sister to leave the place and she stands in the form Akka Pappurammma at the base of this hilllock.  People believe that the religious trip is incomplete unless they worship Akka Pappuramma.


How to reach Mopuru Bhairaveshwara Swamy Temple ?

  1. 18.9 km from Pulivendula, Direct buses available from Pulivendula bus station.
  2. 67 km from Kadapa Town.
  3. 209 Km from Tirupati, 4 hours drive by road to reach this place.


Mopuru Bhairaveshwara Swamy Temple


Reference Link:  Bhairaveshwara Swamy History

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  1. Gundu Rao Kodigenahalli Puttaswamy Jois

    Mopuru Kalabhyraveshwaraswamy is our Home God.Yearly once we visit our best Home Deity,perform Poona,stay a night in the premises of the temple.Our ancestors were the followers from thousands of years.

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