Markandeya Theertham

Markandeya Theertham Tirumala

It’s waters are capable of conferring salvation to those who drink of them Markandeya Theertham, on the northern side of Venkatachala, was constructed by Sage Markandeya. This theertham is located in the deep forest area of Seshachala Ranges. One should trek into forest for 1 hours 45 mins to reach this place.

This theertham associated with the eponymous sages and gods, are all believed to confer longevity, happiness and salvation on those who drink their waters or bathe in them.

Sages used to meditate at this Theertham.

One should trek from Kukkala Doddi forest area to reach this place. Guide is required to reach this theertham otherwise it will be hard to identify.

Makandeya Theertham Video



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