Mannarasala Uruli

Mannarasala Uruli details, Dates, Procedure

A unique offering here is offering of Uruli, a small bell metal vessel, by a childless couple. In this manner, many couples are believed to have been blessed with children. The Vessel Offered is kept prayerfully by the couple before the Sanctum, which is later removed by Valiamma to her illam and kept in a room. Hundreds of such vessels have piled up here, kept over the years.

Mannarasala Uruli History

As per the legend, Once an elderly woman who had no issue came to the temple. She had no hope of getting a child at her age. Yet she prayed for a child, she also heard that the then priestess of the temple also had given birth to a child at a late age. She informed the priestess about her wish and the latter gave her Prasad. She also offered food to the woman in a Small Uruli.

The woman found the vessel broken at the edge. She went to her home and returned with a new vessel. The Valiamma liked the beautiful vessel and kept in her room. Soon after this incident the woman became pregnant and was delivered of a child. Since both she and Amma had great faith in the Uruli. In due course, more such vessels came from childless couples who were also blessed with children. It is said that the Original Uruli is still kept in the Illam, over which other vessels have piled up.

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