Mandapalli Shani Japam

Mandapalli Shani Japam Timings, Cost, Online Booking

Ticket CostDetails
Rs.410019000 Shani Jaap, Tharpanam, 4000 Thailabhishekm,
Homam. Price includes Pooja Samagri as well.


Pooja starts on Sat and Ends on Next Sat

Rs.600019000 Shani Jaap, Tharpanam, 4000 Thailabhishekam,
Homam. Pooja performed in person.
Rs.516Pooja performed along with the priest (on their own).
Shani Jaap, Tharpanam, Thailabhishekam, Homam.

Mandapalli Shani Japam Booking

  1. The devotee must send DD or MO for the above the said amount to the temple
  2. The devotee must include a letter stating Name, Gotra, Address, Date of Japam.
  3. Online Booking is available for the Pooja as well.
  4. In return, the temple staff will courier Goddess Kumkum Prasad to the mentioned address.
  5. The devotee must state the details in Telugu in clear format.

Pooja Benefits

  1. To reduce the malefic effects during Shani Dasa
  2. For career growth.
  3. For business growth.
  4. To avoid health issues.
  5. For Family Well being.
  6. For peace of mind.

Reference Link: Pooja Details


  1. Sir..if i want to do the shani pujavand japam full….we have to come personally ..and how many days it will take puja…can you pls give any temple contact no for more details
    Elinati shani dosha puja…which puja is son in makara rasi .uttarashada star 2padam now

    My daughter krithika 3padam..ushabha rasi…ashatama shani period itseems…which oujas are better for them

    Pls mention sir