Mahanandiswara Swamy Mahanandi Temple

Mahanandiswara Swamy Mahanandi Temple is dedicated to Lord Siva. This temple dates back to the 7th century. Temple is 17 Km from Nandyala bus station. Mahanandi is located at the east of Nallamala Hill ranges with 9 temples of Nandi, which are located within 15 km range. Out of 9 Nandi temples, Mahanandi got famous and fame because of the perennial water flow.

Nava Nandis and Location

Maha Nandi is 17 km from Nandyala Bus station

Prathama Nandi  is near to Nandyal Railway station which is 16 km away

Naga Nandi is located at Anjaneya Swamy Temple in Nandyala Town.

Soma Nandi is located at Atmakur Town

Surya Nandi is 6 km from Mahanandi Temple

Krishna Nandi or Vishnu Nandi is 3.2 km from Mahanandi Temple

Vinayaka Nandi is located within the temple complex,  Northwest to the Temple entrance

Siva Nandi which 13 km from Mahanandi Temple and is located in Nandyal Town

Garuda Nandi is located within the temple complex.

Mahanandiswara Swamy Mahanandi Temple Legends

One version is that at the beginning of Kritayuga, One Paravatha King had two sons called Silada and Nandi. The eldest son Silada got his name due to strict penance where he gave up eating food except Sila or Stone. The Lord was pleased by his devotion and converted Silada into a holy hill and began to live upon him. In this similar fashion, the second son Nandi did the penance for Lord Siva. Lord Siva converted him as Nandi and made him his vehicle (Vahanam). The place where Nandi did penance is considered to be the place where the present Mahanandi exists.

The other version is that a dynasty of local kings, known as Nandas ruled here in the 11th Century A.D and they built a number of temples and worshipped their ancestral deity the Nandi, hence the name Mahanandi.

Temples here have received the patronage of kings of several dynasties including those of the famous  Vijayanagar

Another version is that once there was a cow which used to yield less milk, to know the reason cowherd followed the cow and surprised to see that the cow is emptying milk into the mouth of a little residing in the anthill. Cowherd informed the King, next day king followed the cow and noticed that cow emptying milk on the anthill. In shock, the king stepped font, on hearing the sound cow in fear stepped on the anthill and little boy disappeared from there. Knowing the mistake, King pleaded Lord for his forgiveness and the Lord pleased and self-manifested there in Linga form. One can still the cow footprint on the Ling.

Mahanandiswara Swamy Mahanandi Temple Pools

There are three temple tanks in and around the main temple, two temple tanks called by Brahma Gundam and Vishnu Gundam are located outside the temple and the one inside the temple is called by Rudra Gundam. Temple tanks water source originates beneath Swayambhu Siva Ling ( Self manifested Linga) inside the Sanctum of Sanctorium. Vishwakarma Brahmins designed the tanks such a way that water level remains at 5 ft, excess water flows thru the canals and fertile 2000 acres of agriculture land. Devotees are allowed to touch the main deity here unlike other temples where touching will be prohibited.

This water possesses healing properties, devotees used to take the holy dip at the temple tanks. The water during the winter season will be very hot and vice versa during the summer. Water at Temple tanks will be warm at early hours of the days and water gets cooler as the day progress. Irrespective of the seasons, the water here flows at a constant pace. Temple inscriptions state that this flow never stopped right from the 6th Century.

Mahanandiswara Swamy Mahanandi Temple Festivals

Maha Sivaratri will be celebrated in a grand during the months of Feb/Mar , which varies based on the Hindu calendar. During Karthika Masam which is dedicated to Lord Siva,  special events will be held and thousands of devotees used to participate during that time.

Mahanandiswara Swamy Mahanandi Temple Accommodation

As the temple is surrounded by thick forest, not much facilities available here. One can stay at Nandyala town, where plenty of private hotels are available. From Nandyala Town it is 30 mins by road and direct transportation is available.

Mahanandiswara Swamy Mahanandi Temple Darshan Timings: 9 am – 8 pm

How to reach Mahanandiswara Swamy Mahanandi Temple?

  1. Mahanandi Temple is 91 km from Kurnool Town
  2. 21 km from Nandyala Town.
  3. Shortest Route to Temple is via Thimmapur and is 17 km from Bus station.
  4.  Another  route via Giddalur road, you need to take  left diversion at Boyalakuntla cross, from there it is 24 km ride by road
  5. The nearest Railway station is at Nandyala which is 12 km from the temple

Mahanandiswara Swamy Mahanandi Temple

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  1. Sir is there any restriction to travel in night from Mahanandi to Srisailam.Is it safe?

    • Dear Sir/ Madam,
      There is no restrictions to travel you can plan your travel accordingly.
      Thank you.