Lord Srinivasa Cursed Chola King

Lord Srinivasa Cursed Chola King, Story from Bhavishyottara Purana.

Once Lakshmi converted Brahma into a cow and Siva into a calf and sold them to the Chola King. The cow which used to wander over Seshachala discovered the anthill in which the Lord lay, taking rest. Thereafter she used to shed her milk on the anthill and did not yield a drop to the milkman of the king. The queen took the milkman to the task and blamed him for stealing the cow’s milk.

Next day, the milkman followed the cow and saw her pouring the milk over the anthill. Incensed at this, he took an axe and wanted to beat the cow. The Lord came out of the anthill and took the blow upon himself. Blood gushed out of the wound made in his head. The milkman saw this and died of shock, on the spot. The cow went down the hill, reached the king and showed intense grief. The Chola king followed the cow, came up the hill and saw the pitiable sight. The Lord¬†cursed him to became a Pisacha and said “In future time I will get married to Akasaraja’s daughter. He will then present me a Crowd (Kirita) which I will wear on Fridays. As long as I wear it, I will not feel the pain of the wound on my head and from that time you will be relieved from this curse.”

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  1. Very good short stories in nut shell and will be very useful particularly to children below 12 years.