Lakshmi Narayana homam Procedure Benefits and Cost

Lakshmi Narayana homam Procedure, Benefits, Pooja Cost and Duration

Lakshmi Narayan hrudaya homa is performed in honor of the divine couple goddess Lakshmi and Narayana who together symbolize wealth and prosperity.

This homam is believed to grant blessings for all kinds of wealth and prosperity financial gains home and family education and spiritual growth.

Benefits of performing Lakshmi Narayana Homam:

  1. Lakshmi Narayana brings all the luck, wealth, and prosperity in life.
  2. Well, recommended homam for those individuals who are facing financial debts and other financial-related issues.
  3. Additionally, those who perform this homam will get complete blessings from goddess Lakshmi and lord Narayana.

Lakshmi Narayana Homa Pooja Materials list:

  1. Lotus flower
  2. Tulsi
  3. Conch
  4. Red cloth
  5. Chunari
  6. Mango leaves
  7. Saffron
  8. Halide
  9. Sindur

Lakshmi Narayana homam Vidhi (Procedure)

  1. This homam should be performed facing north.
  2. The clothes used on the day should be yellow.
  3. The person performing homam should sit on yellow color covered with cloth.
  4. The lamp on the day should be lit using cow ghee mixed with haldi.
  5. Yellow color flowers should be offered to Lakshmi Devi.
  6. Only yellow color fruits should offer to Lakshmi Devi.
  7. Kesar should be offered to Bhagavan by applying it as tilak. The person who performs homam should also wear the tilak on the forehead.
  8. The Prasad should be made by Besan.
  9. Chandan mala can be used to do mantras. This should be chanted 108 times.
  10. The Prasad should be shared with a maximum number of people.
  11. Bananas should be fed to cows on that day.
  12. Help poor children give food to them donated clothes.

Do these things during homam:

  1. Offer a small amount of honey to Lakshmi Narayan. Take some honey spread it on roti and feed that to cows. Do this on auspicious days.
  2. Role karpur or camphor on a yellow cloth and light it before Lakshmi Narayana. This will help in avoiding flights in the family.
  3. Offer haldi to Lakshmi Narayana and use it to make a Shri symbol on the front door keep that in your money place. This will help to avoid financial problems.


Homam duration 5hr.

Auspicious Days for Lakshmi Narayana Homam

Month Date Details
Feb 2023 4Feb Ekdasi
5Feb Purnima
Apr 2023 1Apr Ekadasi
6Apr Purnima
16Apr Ekadasi
May 2023 1May Ekadasi
5May Purnima
15May Ekadasi
31May Ekadasi
Jun 2023 24Jun Ekadasi
14Jun Ekadasi
29Jun Purnima
Jul 2023 3Jul Purnima
13Jul Ekadasi
29Jul Ekadasi
Aug 2023 1Aug Purnima
12Aug Ekadasi (Saturday)
21Aug Garuda Panchami
27Aug Ekadasi
31Aug Purnima
17Aug to 15Sep   Sravana Masam
19Aug Saturday
20Aug Sunday
26Aug Saturday
27Aug Sunday
2Sep Saturday
3Sep Sunday
9Sep Saturday
10Sep Sunday
Sep 2023 10Sep Ekadasi
29Sep Purnima
Oct 2023 10Oct Ekadasi / Long Weekend Sunday
25Oct Ekadasi
28Oct Purnima
Nov 2023 9Nov Eladasi
18Nov Panchami Theertham
23Nov Ekadasi
24Nov Kaisika Dwadasi, Chakra Theertha Mukkoti
26Nov Karthika Purnima
Dec 2023 8Dec Ekadasi
23Dec Vaikunta Ekadasi
24Dec Vaikunta Dwadasi
Jan 2024 7Jan Ekadasi
21Jan Ekadasi
25Jan Purnima
Feb 2024 6Feb Ekadasi
16Feb Rathasapthami
20Feb Bheesma Ekadasi
24Feb Purnima
Mar 2024 6Mar Ekadasi
20Mar Ekadasi
25Mar Purnima
Apr 2024 5Apr Ekadasi

 When to do Lakshmi Narayana pooja?

When pushya Nakshatra falls on Tuesday as there is guru pushya yoga on that day.

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