Kuja Dosha Parihara Sthalam

Kuja Dosha Parihara Sthalam, Pooja benefits, Timings and Procedure

Vaitheeswaran Koil Sirkali

Angarakan (Chevvai), son of Lord Siva, who born from the drop of Lord Siva’s.  Once, When Lord Siva was in deep meditation, a drop of sweat from the Siva’s forehead fell on the Earth. A male child was born out of this drop. It is said that Lord Siva cured Angarakan skin disease, following which he joined Navagraha Club.

One should take a holy dip at Temple Tank ‘Siddsmrita’ before entering the temple, which is believed to possess healing properties for skin diseases.

Vaitheeswaran Koil Poonamalle

Temple is dedicated to Lord Siva. There is a footprint of Angakaran at the entrance of the temple. This is the Angaraka Sthalam located km away from Poonamalle Bus station. Adi Sankaracharya had installed 3 Chakras inside the shrine, which are, Sri Chakra, Shanmuga Chakra and Subramanya Chakra.

Kalyanasundaresar Temple Sirkudi

The presiding deity Lord Siva is called by Kalyanasundaresar. Lord Siva resides here with his consort. Temple is located in Sirkudi which is near Perlam,

For Kuja Dosha Parihara Sthalam details, please call @85000 85151

Kuja Dosha effects

  1. When Mars is in the 1st House, it leads to early divorce or separation and causes tensions.
  2. When Mars is in the 2nd House, It affects personal and professional life. Also, delay in the marriage.
  3. When Mars is in the 4th House, the person will keep switching their jobs. Will not have a successful career.
  4. When Mars is in the 7th House, this person will be short-tempered. He/She will not maintain a good relationship with his family members.
  5. When Mars is in the 8th House, this person will be lazy. Will not acquire the paternal property.
  6. When Mars is in the 12th House, It leads to huge monetary loss, will also suffer from mental tensions. They will have more enemies.
  7. This dosha affects the partner who is not Manglik and leads to sudden death. It depends on the severity of the Dosha in the birth chart.

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