Kovur Sundareswarar Temple

Kovur Sundareswarar Temple is dedicated to Lord Siva. This one the Navagraha Sthalam where the deity is worshipped for Budhan Dosha. As per the Legends, Goddess Kamakshi performed a strict penance to marry Lord Siva by standing on Panchagni in Maangaadu. This Panchagni generated enormous heat and affecting living beings on Earth. Sages and Devas approached Lord Vishnu for the rescue, who in turn requested Goddess Lakshmi to save the people on the Earth. On His request, Lakshmi did penance here for Lord Siva in the form of a cow. Impressed with Lakshmi’s prayers, Lord Shiva absorbed the heat and it became cooler. Hence the name “Kopuri” and later into Kovur.

The chieftain of the Village Sundaresan asked Thyagaraja who is on his way to Tirupati, to sing few songs on him. Saint replied to him that he will only praise the Lord with his Songs and left the place. While leaving Kovur, dacoits tried to rob the Saint Thyagaraja by stopping his Palanquin. Thyagaraja got down and explained to the robbers that he is a common man. Robbers asked Thyagaraja, who is throwing stones on them. Saint realized that it is none other than Ram and Lakshman who protected him. He then returned to Kovur Temple and composed 5 Keerthanas which is popular by the name Kovur Pancharatnam.

This temple was built by Kuluthunga Cholan during the 7th Century.

Dress Code: Any decent outfit.

How to reach Kovur Sundareswarar Temple?

By Air

  1. The nearest international airport is at Chennai which is 11.5 km away,

By Train

  1. Chennai is well connected with all parts of India. The direct train is available to Chennai Central.

By Bus

  1. Direct bus to Kovur is available from Ponnamalle Bus station and Chennai Koyambedu Bus station.

Budhan Pooja Benefits

  1. For good Communication
  2. Brokerage
  3. Career Growth
  4. For a good future

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