Kona Malleswara Kona

Kona Malleswara Kona

Venkatagiri is surrounded by a dense forest, which extends to the Tirumala Hills. This forest houses beautiful falls one such is Kona Malleswara Kona. Here, waterfalls from 80 feet in height. Shiva Lingam located here which is of 300 years old.


Directions to Falls

Malleswara Kona falls near Gollapalli. From Yerpedu to Venkatagiri Checkpoint there is a mud road near to Check post. From the check post, it takes to Gollapalli. Gollapalli is 5 km from the main road and from the village, it is by walk to this falls.

Venkatagiri is 54 Km away from Tirupati.

The Direct bus is not available to the falls. This place can be reached by private taxi.

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