Khadgamala Pooja

Khadgamala Pooja Timings, Cost, Online booking

Ticket Cost: Rs.5116

No. Of persons per ticket: 2 ie. 1 couple

A limited number of tickets are issued per day ie. 6.

Pooja Starting Time: 4:00 am

Reporting Time: 3:50 am

Pooja location: Antaralayam

This Pooja will be performed daily.

Dress Code:  Men – Dhoti and Upper Cloth /  Women: Saree

Khadgamala Pooja Bahumanam:

  1. Pancha, Kanduva (Upper cloth),
  2. Saree
  3. Special Laddu Prasadam 500 gm
  4. Durga Devi Kumkum
  5. Durga Devi Laminated Photo
  6. Durga Devi Dollar

Pooja Benefits

  1. Anticipating Success in their tasks
  2. Get rid of All types of Graha Dosha
  3. Will be blessed with good health
  4. For good wealth
  5. Removes enemies fear.
  6. Will be blessed with wealth.

Pooja Booking Procedure

  1. One couple per ticket.
  2. As this Pooja tickets are limited, advised booking well in advance or at the counter.

In the absence of the devotees, this Pooja will be performed in the name of the Devotees. And Prasadam and Bahumanam can be collected by any of their relatives. Please note that Prasadam and Bahumanam can’t be couriered. This Pooja will be performed for the group of devotees inside Garbha Griha. Ticket once booked cannot be cancelled or modified.

Khadgamala Pooja is a powerful Stotra which was told by Hygreeva to the Saint Agastya. This was introduced at Durgamma Temple on 6th Mar 2009 for the benefit of devotees.

Reference Link: Temple History


  1. I am interested to perform khadmala pooja on friday. Is there the availability of booking online ticket for that pooja.

    • Dear Sir/Madam ,
      You can perform kadgamala pooja directly on arrival . there is no online booking . it cost you Rs 5116.
      Thank you.