Kateel Rathotsava

Kateel Rathotsava Timings, Starting and Ending Dates, Darshan details

Timings: After Mahapooja at 10:00 am

Day: 7th day of the Annual Festival which begins on Mesha Sankramana.

Dodda Theru ( Brahma Rathotsava)

The Processional deity will be seated in the Chariot followed by Ratha Hoovina Pooja. After the Pooja, the Chariot will be pulled in the streets by the devotees from the temple to the place near Shanbogh-house in the car street. The chariot will be pulled back to the temple.

The second round of procession will be performed in the outer yard by the temple priests. Later the deity will be taken inside the temple for the Poojas. Prasada will be offered to the devotees. The deity will be placed on the flower bed offered by the devotees.

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