Kateel Temple

Kateel Temple Timings, Durgaparameshwari History, Darshan, Pooja Details

Kateel Temple History

As per the Legend, Goddess Durga Killed the demons Shumba and Nishumba after a ferocious battle. During this battle, one of the demon’s ministers Arunasura escaped from the battled field. With the boon from Brahma, Arunasura disturbed the Yagnas and resulted in drought on the Earth. Sage Jabali who was moved with the troubles on the Earth decided to perform Yagna. Sage approached Indra requested him to send the Divine Cow Kamadhenu with him for the ritual. As Kamadhenu is not available, he asked Sage to take Nandini (Daughter of Kamadhenu) with him. Nandini was adamant and abused the Earth. Angered Sage cursed Nandini to flow as a river on the Earth. Nandini pleaded the Sage to take back the curse. Sage advised her to perform penance for Goddess Durga who can help you on this. Durga was pleased with Nandini’s penance and appeared before her. Goddess advised her to flow as a river on the Earth and assured her that she will be relieved from the curse in her next birth. Nandini took birth as a river in Kanakagiri on the day of Suddha Purnima and blessed the Earth with her continuous flow.

Arunasura blessed with Gayatri Mantra from the Goddess Saraswati. Devas approached Goddess Durga to restore Dharma on the Earth. Goddess replied to them that she too can’t kill the demon unless he stops meditating Gayatri Mantra. Brihaspathi approached Arunasura and praised him that he is the supreme and no need to worship any God as he himself a God. Arunasura stopped meditating the Gayatri Mantra. Goddess in the form of a Mohini started roaming the Gardens. Chanda and Prachanda, the ministers of informed the Demon King about the beautiful girl in the Garden. He expressed his interest in marrying her, she ignores his request saying that she doesn’t want to marry the one who fled from the war field. The angered demon tried to grab her hand, Mohini disappeared into the rocks. He broke the rock with his weapon. Devi came out in the form a huge bee ‘Bhramara’ and started biting him till his last breath. Sage Jabali along with other Sages performed Abhishekam and requested her to appear in the pleasant form. Goddess self-manifested in the middle of River Nandin in the form a Linga.

Kateel Temple Timings

4:00 am – 10:00 pm

How to reach Kateel Temple?

By Air

  1. The nearest airport is at Mangalore which is 14 km away.

By Train

  1. Mangalore is well connected with major cities.

By Road

  1. The direct bus is available from Mangalore to temple.

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