Kashi Viswanath Shringar

Kashi Viswanath Shringar Darshan, Timings, Cost, Booking

No.of Tickets per day: 300

Shringar Performed on all days.

Ticket Cost: Rs.5000 for Shringar.

No.of Persons allowed: Couple.

S.No Day Temple Fees
1 Normal Day Rs.2501
2 Poornima Rs.3125
3 Monday of Sravan Rs.12625

The above-mentioned charges is for temple fees only.

Shringar charges to be borne by the devotee separately.x

Kashi Viswanath Shringar Darshan

  1. In the month of Sravan Lord Shiva and his family members will be decorated.
  2. The special decoration is performed on every Monday in the month of Sravan.
  3. On the first Monday, Lord Shiva will be decorated.
  4. On the second Monday, Lord Shankar and mother Parvati’s statues are decorated.
  5. On the third and fourth Monday, Shri Ardhyanarishwar and Shri Rudraksha will be decorated.
  6. Special ‘Jhoola Shringar’ is also performed.

Dress Code:

Men must remove Shirt and Vest before entering Garbha Gruha.

Women to wear Traditional dress.

Reference Link: History