Kapileswara Swamy Dhanurmasa Timings

Kapileswara Swamy Dhanurmasa Timings

Kapileswara Swamy Dhanurmasa Timings, Open and Closing.

S.No Timings Details
1 4:00 am Suprabhatha Seva
2 4:30 am Dhanurmasa Abhishekam
3 6:00 am Dhanurmasa Abhishekam
4 6:30 am – 7:00 am Nitya Abhishekam
5 4:00 pm Madhyana Abhishekam

The above-mentioned timings apply on this month.

Abhishekam Ticket Cost: Rs.50 per person.

Abhishekam is performed with Milk, Curd, Sandal Paste, Coconut Water, Sugar Cane Juice, Honey, Vibhoodhi.

The devotee can carry the Pooja Samagri for the Abhishekam. It is advisable to carry milk packets and Curd Packets. Used Bottles not advisable for the Abhishekam.

Dress Code: Any Decent outfit.

Abhishekam Starts at 4:15 pm.


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