Kapila Theertham Falls

Kapila Theertham Falls

Kapila Theertham falls is the Holy site in Tirupati. One should take bath in Kapila Theertham Pushkarini prior to Tirumala Visit.  Water here  falls from one stage to another stage. Stage here is called as Gundam. Gundam is of higher depth, it is advisable not to swim without knowing Swimming.

During Rainy Season water flows to the max and is good for Photography. Jan/ Feb month is best time for trekking so that water level will be minimal.


Significance of Theertham

During karthika masam, on the full moon day afternoon, all the thirthams from the three worlds join in Kapila thirtham . If one takes bath during this time, he/she will get rid of all sins and go to Bramha’s world. One will get the result of donating gold of the size of Meru mountain by just donating the gold of sesame seed size at this thirtham. It gives chandra lokam by just donating a fistful of rice. One will get Swarga, kailasa, vaikunta, Bramha lokams by giving away a cow, donating land, imparting knowledge, giving a girl or doing mantra upadesam. The one who chants the mantra ” Ayanthi sarva theerdhaani madhyahne kaapilam saraha” and takes bath in the afternoon of a full moon day during kaarthika masam will get the above result.


Kapila Theertham Waterfalls Photo Gallery


Kapila Theertham Waterfalls Video

A complete video from Kapila Theertham Falls Trekking , Captured during Rainy Season.


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