Kanya Pasupata Homam Procedure cost and Benefits

Kanya Pasupata Homam details, Pooja cost and Benefits

Due to the transit of important planets in the horoscope, it is often said that for certain young females, finding the perfect life partner is difficult. Anyone who desires to perform Kanya Pasupatha homam is welcome to do so. Maintaining positive relationships with real partners also helps to prevent disputes and other problems. Another interesting aspect of this homam is that it plays a significant role in arranging young women’s marriages at the appropriate times by carefully fulfilling requirements.

  • Pooja cost: Rs. 15500 to 16500
  • Dress Code: Men are to wear dhoti and upper clothes. Women to wear sarees or other traditional wear.
  • Pooja duration: 1 hour 45 minutes to 2 hours 15 minutes.

Significance of Kanya Pasupata Homam

A boy or girl who is looking for compatible matches can perform this homa.

Individuals view marriage as an important event in life that leads to happiness. But some strains and changes can lead to delays in relationships and other problems. Kanya Pasupatha homam gives reasonable ways to change them properly by obtaining God’s blessings. It is also possible to make complex issues simple to deal with, homam.

Some young women have a hard time finding the right life partner because of planetary positions in their birth chart. Anyone who wants to get rid of them completely can do the Kanya pasupata homam. It also helps to keep good relationships with partners to avoid problems like questioning and other issues. Another thing that this homam does is play a big role in making sure that young women get married at the right time by meeting high standards.

Kanya Pasupata Homam Benefits

  • For quick and timely marriage
  • Seeking Good marriage proposals.
  • Good match as per their wish.

The best days for the Kanya Pasupata pooja

  • Day as suggested by the Astrologer
  • Karthika Masam
  • Sravana Masam
  • Purnima days
  • Maha Sivaratri day

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A minimum of 7 days of booking is advisable to make puja arrangements at Srisailam Kshetra or other temples.

Instructions to devotees

  • It is advisable to plan this Pooja after the 8th day of the Menstrual cycle
  • Not to consume Non-vegetable 3 days before pooja and 18 days after Pooja
  • Must take a head bath before the pooja.
  • Must perform this pooja on fasting.