Kangundi Fort Kuppam

Kangundi Fort Kuppam

History of Kangundi Fort Kuppam

Kuppam area was ruled by Kangundi Zameendarrs from 1066 AD to 1950 AD. There is a historical place called Kangundi 11 Km away from Kuppam, which has a fort, where from the Zameendars ruled the area. They were known as Kangundi  Zameendars. About 28 rulers established Zameendars system in about 360 villages. Until the system was abolished all the Zameendars lived in Kangundi fort only.

Kangundi Fort is 120 Km south-west of Chittoor. Halfway up is a cave filled with the bones and horns of cattle.

Kangundi Fort is located on the scenic Kuppam-Vijalapuram route. It is about 16 kilometres from Kuppam. The site is renowned for the ruins of the 11 century Kangundi Fort. A temple is located on top of the hill, which celebrates the Hindu festival of Shivratri with a special pooja. This celebration attracts locals as well as people from the neighbouring villages and towns.


How to reach Kangundi Fort?

  1. The Direct bus is available from Tirupati and Chittoor to Kuppam
  2. From Kuppam town, Fort is 16 Km away.
  3. The nearest Railway station is at Kuppam.
  4. The direct trains are available from Tirupati, Bengaluru and other major places.



Best Time to visit: Nov-Sep.


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