Kancheepuram temples

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Ekambareswarar Temple

As per the Legend, Uma Devi playfully covered the eyes of Lord Siva at Kailas once; the eyes of Siva are the Sun and the Moon. The whole world went into darkness. To get rid of the Sin, Lord Siva ordained Goddess to go to Kanchi and worship Him. As instructed, Parvati accordingly stayed in Pilakasam, the cave of a serpent at Kamakottam. To make mankind understand Parvati’s strength of will and relentless devotion to Siva, He bade the heavenly river Kampa to flow in spate on Earth. As the overwhelming floods of the river were flowing fast, Parvati was alarmed and held the deity in a tight embrace to protect Her Lord from being damaged by the floods. The scars left by the bracelets and the breasts of Parvati during the divine union are left on the deity.

Kacchi Mayanam

The Tirtha of the deity is Sivaganga Tirtha found in the North of the Dwajasthamba. Kacchi Mayana Perumal is said to have used the Devas as Samith while performing a sacrifice to destroy Pandasura. The Sivaganga Tirtha is said to be the holy vessel of ghee used for the sacrifice.

Kanchi Kamakshi Amman

Ka denotes Brahma; ‘A’ denotes Lord Vishnu and ‘Aksha’ denotes eyes. Thus the term Kamakshi. She is also called Kamakoti, for any prayers to the Goddess for a particular blessing (Kamya) results in manifold blessings showered on her devotee. The goddess is seen here in the Padmasana Posture in the Sannidhi facing South-East; her figure is endowed with four hands; a Sugarcane and a Pasa are found on her left hands and an Ankusa and a bow of flower on her right; There is a Sri Chakra before the deity which was installed by Adi Sankaracharya. The Pida of Goddess Kamakshi is called Kamakoti Pida.

Kumara Kottam

The Sthala is dedicated to Lord Murugan. This temple located is between the temples of Ekambareswarar and Kanchi Kamakshi Amman. As per the Legend, Murugan refused to free Brahma, whom he knuckled on the head and kept as a prisoner for being ignorant of the meaning of the Pravana ‘Om’. He did not obey even Lord Siva’s command to give freedom to Brahma, thereupon Murugan is said to have made amends of his sin of disobedience by worshipping a Siva Linga which he formed and named ‘Devasenapadisar’. This Linga was worshipped by Lord Vishnu also.

Tirukanchi Melthali

Thali means temples in Tamil. As this temple is situated west of Kanchi Ekambareswara. It is called Thirukacchi Mel Thali. As per the Legend, Lord Vishnu did penance here longing for the form of Siva. Saint Tirugnanasambarar blessed Him that he would attain Sivasaroopa and when Lord Vishnu listened to the devotional hymn of Tirugnanasambarar, He melted into the form of Siva Linga.

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