Jonnavada Kamakshi Temple

Jonnavada Kamakshi Temple in Nellore district. Temple is located on the banks of Penna river which is 12 km from Nellore bus station.  This temple was built in the year 1150 A.D. Belief is that whoever sleeps for a night in this temple will be blessed with good fortune.

Jonnavada Kamakshi Temple Legends

Kasyapa Prajapathi, Son of Marichi, decided to perform a Yagna and started searching for the place in the southern part of India. In search of the place, he reached Rajathagiri, which is located north to Penna river and decided to perform Yagna here. Kasyapa installed three Yagna Gundam, which are namely, Daskhanagni, Aahananiyagni, Aaraspathyagni to perform Yagna. Lord Siva was very much pleased with Kasyapa’s Yagna and emerged out of Yagna Gundam in a Linga shape. It is mentioned in the SKANDA PURANA, that the place where Yagna is held is called Jannada, which later took the form as Jonnavada.

Goddess Parvathi then reached Jonnavada in search of Lord Siva, Lord Siva requested Goddess to stay here at this place. On his, request Goddess manifested herself in the idol form and started residing in the Penna river. Later fishermen installed the idol on the banks of Penna river and started offering prayers, which caught in their fishing net.

During the 4th century, Aadi Sankaracharya on his way to Kailasagiri (one of the mountains of Himalayas) found that this Idol is the manifestation of the Goddess Parvathi and installed the idol along with Lord Siva in the temple.

Jagadguru Sri Aadhi Sankaracharya installed Sri chakram in this temple.

There is a lake near to temple which is called Kasyapa Theertham, belief is that whoever takes a dip here will be freed from committed sins in the present life.

Jonnavada Kamakshi Temple Address

Sri Mallikarjuna Swamy Kamakshi Thayee Devsthanam, Jonnavada Kshetram,

Bucchireddy Palem (Mandal), Potti Sriramulu Nellore (Dist), Andhra Pradesh

How to reach Jonnavada Kamakshi Temple?

  1. Temple is 12 km from Nellore bus station. The direct bus is available from Nellore to Jonnavada.
  2. Temple is 143 Km from Tirupati. The direct bus is available from Tirupati to Nellore at regular intervals.

Jonnavada Kamakshi Temple


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