Jhalana Safari Park

Jhalana Safari Park Timings, Entry fees, Details, Route info

This park stretches over an area of 33 Sq.Km. This park is inhabited by Leopard, Hyena, Desert Fox, Spotted Deer, Blue Bulls etc.

Commonly seen birds are peafowls, Asian Paradise Flycatcher, Indian Eagle Owl, Indian Pitta, Grey Francolins, Golden Oriole, Eurasian Sparrowhawk, Indian Scoops owl etc

This Forest reserve is part of the Proposed “Project Leopard” which includes 8 sanctuaries in Rajasthan.
Aravali mountains forms a natural barrier on one side of this forest reserve.

Jeep was introduced in the year 2016.

Zone Sightings
Zone 1 Birds, spotted deer, jackals, hyena and blue bull
Zone 2 Leopards, Desert Fox, Hyena etc.

Best Time to visit: Remains open on all days.

Jhalana Safari Park Timings

Season Month (Approx) Morning Hours Evening Hours
Summer Mid March – June Last week 5:45 am – 8:15 am 4:45 pm – 7:15 pm
Winter Jul – Feb 6:15 am – 8:45 am 4:15 pm – 6:45 pm

For Jhalana Safari Park details, Please call @ 93 93 93 9150

How to reach Safari Park?

By Air

  1. The nearest airport is at Jaipur which is 6.8 Km away.

By Train

  1. The nearest Railway station is at Jaipur which is 12 Km away.

By Road

  1. This park is easily accessible by Bus and Car.

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