Gandi Kshetram Anjaneya Swamy Temple

Gandi Kshetram Anjaneya Swamy Temple located on the right bank of Papagni river. In Telugu, Gandi means a narrow valley with a running river.  Sri Ramakrishna Ananda Swamy of Bhumananda Ashram had given the name of Gandi Kshetram to this place.

Temple is located in Veerannagattupalle Village, Chakrayapeta Mandala, Kadapa district.

Darshan Dress Code: Any decent outfit

Darshan Duration: 20 to 30 mins during weekdays, 30 to 45 mins during weekends.

Legends of Gandi Kshetram Anjaneya Swamy Temple

The Ramayana period, Vayu deva ( God representing Air) is doing mediation here. Sri Rama in search of Sita Devi, passed through this place while moving towards south direction. Vayu wanted Sri Rama to stay here as his host, Sri Rama replied to Vayu that he will accept his hospitality on his way back to Ayodhya.

Vayu after knowing Sri Rama’s victory over Ravana in Lanka, prepared this place to welcome Sri Rama in a grand. For which Vayu, flung a wreath (festoon) of golden flowers across the ravine through which the conqueror should pass on his way Northwards to Ayodhya.

Sri Rama’s Drawing Anjaneya on a rock

At the kind request of Vayu, Sri Rama halted here with his troops. Anjaneya Swamy flew to Ayodhya to inform Bharath about Sri Rama’s return. Sri Rama thinking about Anjaneya pictured Anjaneya on the rock with his arrow. Sri Rama had left for Ayodhya without completing this picture. Picture of Lord Anjaneya is complete in all respect except the little finger of Anjaneya’s left hand.

Incomplete drawing and Sri Vyasaraja

The incomplete picture of Anjaneya Swamy, drawn in a thin line by Sri Rama, was sculpted by Sri Vyasaraja. It is all his effort that today we all can see the looming figure of Anjaneya Swamy. Sri Vyasaraja wants to see the complete figure of Anjaneya Swamy, so he sculptured the little finger of the left hand. To the astonishment of the great devotee, the little finger broke down, and blood started oozing. He sculpted the figure as Sri Rama had left it after understanding Anjaneya Swamy’s intention.

Gandi Kshetram and Golden Flowers

Golden flowers arranged by Vayu in Thoranam form to welcome Sri Rama is true, even today those who have faith on God can see this Golden flowers between the two hills. Golden flowers Thoranam Darshan will relieve one’s from rebirth.

Gandi Kshetram Anjaneya Swamy Temple was built by Swamy Vasanthaacharyulu, who is a follower of Sri Madwa Cult. He brought this temple to the limelight.

Gandi Kshetram Anjaneya Swamy

The Lord of this Kshetram is seen as bright as the rising Sun. Eyes are bright and radiating. In one hand he is holding Lotus and another hand in Abhaya Hastha posture ( Giving boon to devotees)

How to reach Gandi Kshetram Anjaneya Swamy Temple?

  1. Temple is 7 km from  Vempalle Village in Rayachoti Road.
  2. Temple is 55 km from Kadapa
  3. Direct buses available from Rayachoti to Vempalle
  4. From Tirupati, Direct buses to Rayachoti is available.

Gandi Kshetram Anjaneya Swamy Temple