Dwaja Avarohanam

Dwaja Avarohanam

The annual Brahmotsavam at Sri Vari temple came to a grand close with the `Dhwaja avarohanam’.

Dwaja Avarohanam was performed at Dwajasthambam inside Sri Vari Temple on the concluding day of Sri Vari Annual Brahmotsavam at Tirumala on Saturday night.  Earlier processional diety of Lord Malayappaswamy along with His consorts  were taken out in procession on gold tiruchi around four mada streets..


According to mythology, it is believed that a dip in the temple tank (Pushkarini) during ‘Chakrasnanam’ washes off sins of the people.

Later in the evening, ‘Dhwaja Avarohanam’ was performed signalling the conclusion of the annual fete.

During the ritual, the sacred flag hoisted atop the temple flag post on the first day of the Bramha Utsavams is unfurled.

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