Draksharamam Temple SaptaGodavari

Draksharamam Temple SaptaGodavari Sthalapuranam

Draksharamam is also called as Dakshina Kasi. It is believed that Sage Veda Vyasa has founded this temple.

As per the Legends, Lord Siva self-manifested here at Saptagodavari as Bhimeswara Swamy. On knowing the Lord’s manifestation, Saptha Rishi’s  (7 Sages) went to the river Godavari to bring its waters for the deity’s Abhishekam before sunrise. While on their way back to Draksharamam, near to Saptagodavari, they were stopped by the Sage Tulya, who feared that the river flowing path might wash away his Ashram. While Saptha Rishis and Tulya Rishi’s were in discussion, they were intervened by the Sage Veda Vyasa and said that the waters of Saptha Godavari would reach Draksharamam as “Antar Vahini’ (which means flows under the Earth) and form themselves into a Pushkarini Tirtha. This Tirtha will be called by the name Saptha Godavari, and the water from this Tirtha will be used for Lord Bhimeswara Swamy’s Abhisheka. In the meantime, Sun rose and Sapta Rishis were not able to reach the place in time to perform the Abhisheka, The Sun-god himself performed the first Archana to the deity. Thus, Pushkarini (Temple Tank) Sapta Godavari came into existence and water from this Tank are being used for the deity’s Abhisheka.

As per the Legends, While Sapta Rishis performing the Archana to the Self-manifested Lord Siva, All Devas came to have the darshan of the Lord, When a divine voice ordained that “whoever installs Linga near to Sapta Godavari will attain eternal bliss”. There-upon Indra (God of Heaven) installed a Linga and a temple was built. It is called by the name Pakasasana Devalaya. Many Lingas were installed by Devas at the same time.

It is believed that Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy was installed by Lord Sri Rama as the Kshetra Palaka. Within the Temple, there is a well by the name Rudra Tirtha which is of strung bow shape.

Draksharamam Temple SaptaGodavari

Reference Link: Sri Bhimeswara Swamy Temple

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