Chengannur Bhagavathy Oath

Chengannur Bhagavathy Oath, West Nada

Oath takes place inside the west gopuram on the right side there is a hole. It is believed that anybody utters falsehood the serpent strikes him dead instantly.

As per the folklore, Once a man from TamilNadu came here and challenged that no one can cure the poison of snakebites other than him. At Chengannur there was an ancient Brahmin family quite famous in the art. But only a widow and her 12-year-old son were the survivors in their family when the Tamilian visited Chengannur. One morning, the Tamilian challenged the little boy with his skills. The boy told his mother about it. The same night he had a dream in which the Naga king appeared before him and pointed out to him a small pipe with a fierce cobra inside.

As bid by the Naga King, the little boy took this pipe before the Tamilian next morning and unleashed the serpent. The frightened boaster immediately admitted fear and entreated the boy to save him. On request of the Little boy, the snake withdrew within the pipe.

The Tamilian deposited all his medicines in a pit near the Kuttambalam and covered it with the stone slab and left the place. It is believed that those who stand on the stone and pray to look at the Srikoil need have no fear about snakebites.

As for the boy he made a hole to the south of the passage of the west gopuram and installed the pipe here. It is the same hole where the Oath takes place.

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