Chanod Temple History

Chanod Temple History, Route map, Pooja Details

Best Time to visit: Ptiru Paksha, Full moon days, Mahalaya Amavasya days.

Pooja duration: 2 to 3 hours on Normal days. The crowd will be high on special days.

Chanod Temple History

Chanod is located on the banks of the holy river Narmada. It is also called  “Dakshini Prayag”, It is the Triveni Sangam” of the sacred rivers Narmada, Aursanga and Gupta Saraswati. Devotees reach Chanod-Karnali by boat to perform the religious rites. Such rituals are considered a must and very vital in the Hindu religion and if they are not performed, it is believed that the dead person shall never get peace after the death and his spirit will wander around, unsatisfied. We can easily reach Chanod by hired car, taxi or a State Transport bus from Vadodara. It takes around one hour to drive up to Chanod. Chanod, also known as Chandod, is a small town with having a native population of around 15000 people. However, many visitors keep on coming here for performing various religious rituals. There is a heavy rush on some auspicious days like full moon days etc.

There is a big ghat at Chanod, where the Narmada River flows with full force in full width of around 1500 feet. The main ghat has 64 steps and is 60 feet wide. You will have to get into the boat from this main ghat to reach up to the point of Triveni Sangam. The boats are all rowing boats and no motorboats are available. The rates for the boat shall be around Rs.100 per boat that can accommodate around 12 persons. You must take your bath very carefully and should not go much deeper in the River Narmada.

There are many temples all along the bank of the River Narmada.  The main temple is of Lord Shiva and is located at the main ghat of Chanod. There is a twin town of Chanod, known as Karnali. Karnali is located around 4 miles North of Chanod. It is 2 hours by boat to Karnali. There is a famous temple of guru Dattatreya at Karnali, where the footprints of Dattatreya Bhagavan can be seen. One should climb up 124 steps to reach this temple. There is a very big fair here at Karnali on Chaitra Poonam