Besant Nagar Murugan Temple Marriage

Besant Nagar Murugan Temple Marriage, Hall Cost and Booking Procedure

Marriage is allowed during the temple opening hours. Marriage halls are located near the temple, where other arrangements can be made.

Besant Nagar Murugan Temple Marriage Procedure

  1. The Bride must be 18 years and above
  2. The Groom must be 21 years and above.
  3. Only Hindu arranged marriages are allowed at this temple.
  4. Separate Application forms for Bride and Groom can be collected from the temple office.
  5. Duly filled application form signed by Thasildhar/ MRO has to be submitted at the temple
  6. Otherwise, a Duly filled application form and an unmarried certificate must be submitted.
  7. For inter-caste marriages, NOC from the local police station and Notary has to be submitted.
  8. Only Parents or Bride or Groom can only submit the filled the application forms
  9. Marriage permission fees have to be paid at the time of registration.
  10. Love marriages with parents’ acceptance are allowed.
  11. Parents’ presence is mandatory for the marriage.
  12. Inter-religion marriages are not allowed at this temple.

Marriage Enrollment Required Documents

  1.  Bride and Groom’s Aadhar Cards photocopies
  2. Bride parents and Groom parent’s Aadhar Cards photocopies
  3. Bride and Groom’s 10th Mark Sheet/ SSC certificate/ Transfer certificates photocopies
  4.  Bride and Groom’s Community certificates photocopies
  5. Bride and Groom’s Online unmarried certificates

Marriage Registration Procedure

  1. Online Marriage registration is available in Tamilnadu
  2. A receipt from the temple office
  3. Marriage photos
  4. Wedding invitation card
  5. Bride and Groom’s Aadhar Cards photocopies

For more details, Please call or Whatsapp on 94441 76673

A minimum of 1 to 2 months of advance booking is advisable. Marriage hall will be allotted for 24 hours following standard allotment timings.

Besant Nagar Murugan Temple Marriage Charges

  1. Marriage Permission fees
  2. Purohit
  3. Pooja articles
  4. The decoration is not allowed on the temple premises
  5. Catering services are not allowed inside the temple.
  6. Rooms
  7. Hall rent