Banana tree Marriage procedure: cost and benefits

Banana tree cutting for marriage to remove Kuja Dosha

Kuja Dosha will be present when Mars is in the first and seventh houses. The seventh house is the house of marriage or a spouse. Vedic astrology says that getting married is not a good idea when Kuja Graha is in the seventh house.

It is believed that a Manglik girl or boy who marries a non-Manglik will have severe life threats, such as accidents or severe hurt to the non-Manglik partner. The presence of any of these planets, Shani, Surya, Ketu, and Rahu, in those houses makes the partial Kuja Dosha even worse.

Banana tree Marriage cost and timings

Pooja Duration: 2 to 3 hours

Pooja Cost: Rs. 12,000

No.Of priests performing this Pooja: 2

The Bride/ Groom have to bring new clothes and one set of spare clothes as Bride/ Groom will take a head bath after the marriage.

Why Kadali, Arka, Kumba, or Banana Tree Marriage?

  • Too much delay in the marriage
  • Early divorce
  • Second marriage in the Chart
  • Spouse sudden death/ illness

How do I identify banana tree marriage from the birth chart?

This Pooja will be performed when there is a dosha related to marriage in the birth chart. Like Rahu -Sukra, Rahu -Budhan, Rahu -Shani – Sukra combinations in the birth chart. It is believed that this Dosh might cause a spouse’s sudden death.

Kumba Vivaham Procedure

Performing a marriage with Kumbam. Placing kumbam on the rice, covering it with cloth, and decorating it with flowers and mango leaves. Place the Vishnu Golden Idol (small in size) in the water. After the marriage, the water will be poured into the river, or Pushkarini and Kumbam will be dissolved in the water (breaking the pot). Donate the bride’s dress, or it can be thrown into the Pushkarini or river. Vishnu Idol has to be donated to the Brahmin. The bride and groom (Kumbam) will spend some idle time before resolving the Kumbam.

Banana tree Marriage

Arka Vivaham

Performing the marriage with Jilledu Chettu (Giant Milkweed, Crown Flower, Giant Calotrope, Arka, Jilledu, Erukkam Madar, White Madar). This Pooja is mainly for the Groom who is having Kalathra Dosha. This Dosha can result in the spouse’s sudden death. It is advisable to check with Astrologer and perform this Pooja before the marriage itself.

Banana tree Marriage

Banana tree Marriage Puja (Kadali Vivaham)

Performing the marriage with a banana tree and cutting the tree after the marriage. Mangalsutra will be donated to Brahmin at the end. This marriage will be performed in the same way as a normal marriage. In the end, this banana tree will be cut down and thrown into the running river, or Pushkarini.

For effective results, this Pooja has to be performed near the running river or Pushkarini

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A minimum of 5 days of booking is advisable, as pooja slots are limited and this pooja should not be performed after noon hours.

Which temples will perform Kadali, Kumba, or Arka Vivaham?

This pooja is related to Dosha Nivaran, so it cannot be performed inside the temple. It has to be performed outside the temple only. Rameswaram temple, Srisailam temple, Srirangapatna, Gokarna, and Trimbakeshwar are preferable for this puja.

Pooja Benefits

  • Removes Dosha related to the second marriage
  • This Pooja minimizes the negative effects of Kalathra Dosha
  • Removes dosha related to Spouse death/ illness

When is the best day for this puja?

It is advisable to check with an astrologer on this, as he or she can suggest the best days. Otherwise, you can choose auspicious dates in line with normal marriage dates from the Panchangam.

Auspicious Days for Banana Tree Marriage

MonthAuspicious Dates
Dec 20234Dec, 11Dec
Jan 202410Jan
Feb 20248Feb
Mar 20248 March (Maha Sivaratri)
Apr 20247Apr
Kumba Vivaham puja dates