Ayush Homam in Bangalore Temple: Cost, Timings, Procedure, and Benefits

Ayush Homam in Bangalore Temple: Cost, Timings, Procedure, and Benefits

Ayush is a representation of age; this homam is performed to promote a long and healthy life. This homily is typically performed during a newborn’s naming ceremony and for elders. This homam is performed to ensure a free, healthy, and prosperous life. Purohits recommends this homonym for children and adults who get sick a lot. A naming ritual is held during a homam following a baby’s birth. The child receives wellness and a happy life by performing this homily. On the day of this homam, devotees worship Ayur Devatha in hopes of obtaining a long and happy life.

Puja Dress Code

  • Gents: dhoti (white) and shirt or kurta and pyjama.
  • Ladies: Saree or Salwar Kameez (with Pallu Compulsory).
  • All pilgrims are requested not to wear clothes such as T-shirts, jeans, etc., as the same is strictly prohibited irrespective of any age group.

Ayush Homam in Bangalore

  • Ganapathi Pooja
  • Punyahavachana
  • Yagnopaveetha Dharanam
  • Anugnai, Vishvaksena Aaradhana
  • Maha Sankalpam
  • Agni Prathishta
  • Kalasa Sthapana
  • Invocation of deities, namely, Varuna (The god of Rain), Ayur Devatha (The god of health), Nakshathra Devatha, Apamruthyu Devatha, and Navagraha Devatha
  • Cooked rice will be divided into two parts: one is called ‘Ayush charu’ and the other is called ‘Praana charu’.
  • Prarthana Homam.
  • Ayushya Suktha, which consists of 8 mantras.
  • Aavahitha Devathas homam.
  • Swishtakruth homam
  • Jayathi Homam
  • Praayachchiththa Homam
  • Purnahuthi
  • Praneeth Mokshana
  • Brahma Udhvasana
  • Mangala Aarti
  • Pradhakshina Namaskaran
  • Aavahitha Devatha Yathasthanam
  • Deertha Prokshanam
  • Prasadam distribution
  • Veda Aseervachana
  • Brahmana Bhojana

Ayush Homam Benefits in Bangalore

  • Individuals who have chronic illnesses will recover
  • Reduces the negative effects of previous karmas and enhances general wellbeing
  • Those who wish to live long and healthy lives.
  • Removes dosha in the birth chart that shows Balarishta Yoga
  • It relieves both physical and mental illnesses
  • It can lessen the negative effects of planets and lower the likelihood of accidents,
  • Achievement in both economic and religious activities

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