Auspicious 2020 Dates for Garbhadanam

Auspicious 2020 Dates for Garbhadanam, Muhurtham Time

Garbhadanam is a ritual to initiate conception for healthy and knowledge child.

Auspicious 2020 Dates for Garbhadanam

Apr 20206Apr8:34 pm
8Apr9:23 pm
9Apr9:19 pm
11Apr9:11 pm
25Apr8:16 pm
Jul 202026Jul9:26 pm
29Jul9:17 pm
31Jul9:11 pm
Aug 20203Aug9:01 pm
5Aug8:55 pm
7Aug8:49 pm
8Aug8:46 pm
Oct 202024Oct10:59 pm
29Oct10:39 pm
Nov 20204Nov10:15 pm
6Nov10:07 pm
7Nov10:03 pm
19Nov9:16 pm
22Nov9:04 pm
23Nov9:00 pm
Dec 20204Dec8:17 pm
27Dec10:49 pm
Jan 20213Jan10:08 pm
4Jan10:17 pm

The above-mentioned dates are generic. For a more specific date and time-based on the Birth chart, please check with Astrologer.

For more specific dates based on the Birth Star/ Date and Time, please WhatsApp @ 799 5859 589