Arunachala Giri Pradakshina

Arunachala Giri Pradakshina Date, Timings, Route Info

Arunachala Giri Pradakshina Details

Distance Covered: 14 Km

Good Time to walk: 4:00 am, 4:00 pm or 10 pm Onward

Duration by Wak: Depends on the physical ability. Usually, takes 3 hours 30 mins – 4 hours.

One must walk without footwear while performing Pradakshina.

Darshan might take 6 – 7 hours. One must be prepared to stand during Darshan.

Water bottle, medicines are allowed inside Darshan Line. Most of the devotees skip Darshan to avoid long waiting. One must be determined before entering Darshan.

Giri Pradakshina means walking around the Holy Hill in a clockwise direction.

Giri Pradakshina can be performed any in a year but it is auspicious on Full moon days. The crowd will be high during this time.

The devotees can have Darshan of 8 Siva Linga along the path.

Thiruvannamalai Girivalam

Thiruvannamalai Girivalam
Thiruvannamalai Girivalam 2016 Dates

Arunachala Giri Pradakshina Inner

Distance: Around 9 Km

Duration by walk: 3 hours

Inner Path is also available for Girivalam but it path pass thru the forest.

The path is full covered with thrones not easy to walk without footwear. Due to security reasons, this path remains closed now.

Arunachala Giri Pradakshina
Arunachala Giri Pradakshina
Arunachala Giri Pradakshina
Arunachala Giri Pradakshina

Arunachala Giri Pradakshina Online Booking

  1. TamilNadu Tourism is providing Package from Chennai for Pournami Giri Pradakshina.
  2. Advance booking is required for these tickets and is limited.
  3. One can book tickets by visiting the Tourism Center than in online.
  4. TTD is providing Travel, Guide and Darshan for the devotees.
  5. The guide will be guiding the devotees for 5 hours during Pradakshina.
  6. Post Pradakshina, the devotees will have special Darshan ie. Separate line.
  7. Darshan might take 1 hour 30 mins – 2 hours 30 mins.
  8. TTDC Package is available only for Pournami (full moon day) dates.
  9. Starts from Chennai on every full moon day at 8:00 A.M and reach Tiruvannamalai by 2.00 P.M and returns on the next day by 6:00 A.M

Reference Link: Girivalam History

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  1. Naidana Srinivasakumar

    I want to came to tiruvannamalai the god’s gifted by the chance to see arunachala siva and giripradakshina and sri Guru pujya sri Ramana maharshi Aashramam