Annavaram Satyadeva Yoga Nature Therapy

Annavaram Satyadeva Yoga Nature Therapy, Natural Therapy in an open and spacious green environment .

Treatment Offered

  1. Back pain, Spondylitis, Sciatica and other Spine-related problems
  2. Diabetics, Indigestion, Acidity, Gastric problems, Piles, Constipation other digestion problems
  3. Asthma, Long standing cold, Sinusitis and other Flum related problems
  4. Paralysis, Blood pressure, Insomnia, Headache and other nerve related problems.
  5. Body weight reduction.


  1. Accommodation is available for 40 members.
  2. Treatment using Ayurvedic medicines.
  3. Separate Treatment halls for Men and Women
  4. Separate Meditation and Library
  5. Spacious Hall is available for Yoga Practice.
  6. Balanced quality diet will be offered during the therapy period

Contact number: +91 8868 238034