Angaraka Pasupata Homam

Angaraka Pasupata Homam Benefits, Pooja procedure and cost

Pooja cost: Rs.16500

Dress Code: Men to wear Dhoti and Upper cloth. Women to wear Saree or other Traditional dress code.

Pooja Duration: 2 hours to 2 hours 30 mins.

This Pooja can be performed as a couple or single.

Angaraka Pasupata Homam Benefits

  • Removes Kuja or Mangala Dosha.
  • It reduces the malefic effects of Angaraka Graha.
  • For career growth
  • Seeking higher education.
  • Resolves long-standing disputes
  • Quick solution on Judicial issues.
  • Opposite planet status compensation
  • Removes difficulties and fear from enemies
  • Restores happiness and peace.

Best days for the Angaraka Pasupata Homam

  • Maha Sivaratri day
  • Lingodhbava time on Maha Sivaratri day is highly preferred for this Pooja.
  • Karthika Masam
  • Next 9 days after Sivaratri
  • Date to be calculated from the birth chart.

For more appropriate pooja date, Birth chart, Yogam, Graha, Dasa, Antardasa to be checked thoroughly.

For more details, Please call @ 85000 87012

Advance booking is advisable for Poojas at Srisailam.

Instructions to the devotees

  • women can plan this Pooja after 8th day of their Menstrual cycle
  • Not to consume Non-Veg 3 days prior to pooja and 18 days after Pooja
  • Must take a head bath before the Pooja.
  • Must perform this Pooja on Fasting.
  • Anyone can perform this Pooja for Kuja Graha Dosha Nivarana.

Auspicious Days for Angaraka Pasupata Homam


Auspicious Dates

Apr 2023


May 2023


Jun 2023


Jul 2023


Aug 2023


Sep 2023


Oct 2023


Nov 2023

11Nov, 20Nov, 27Nov

Dec 2023

4Dec, 11Dec

Jan 2024


Feb 2024


Mar 2024

8Mar (Maha Sivaratri)

Apr 2024