Anegudde Anna Prasada

Anegudde Anna Prasada, Free Food, Lunch, Timing

Lunch Time: 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm. Daily

Location: Dining Hall near the main temple

Ticket: Free entry for all.

The dining hall is good enough to accommodate 1000 devotees in one stretch. The devotees are allowed inside in a queue. The free ticket will be issued at the dining hall entrance.

Food Menu: Rice, Dal, Sambar, Rasam, Buttermilk, Payasam and side curry. The food menu might change on special days.

The devotees can contribute to Anna Prasada and food will be served in the name of the devotee.

It is said that 600 – 700 devotees will have lunch daily. On Special days it will be around 1500 – 2000. During Festival days 4000 – 5000 devotees will have Anna Prasada.

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