Ananda Nilayam

Once we enter Vimana Pradakshina corridor, we can have a clear view of Ananda Nilaya Vimanam which is fully coated with gold. It is known as Ananda Nilayam (Anandha Nilayam) because it bestows Anandam or bliss to everyone.

The Puranas states that Lord Sri Venkateswara once appeared here in this vimanam which is invisible to mortal eyes.It also states that a vimanam similar to this would be constructed. Accordingly, this was first constructed by Thondaman Chakravarthy, one of the great devotees of the Lord Sri Venkateswara. From then on this vimanam has been coated with gold many times by several kings and T.T.D also. It was gilded last in the year 1958. The dazzling beauty of this vimanam cannot be described in words and one has to see to believe it.

The Vimana, located directly above the main Idol in the Sanctum. It is said in Puranas that the day on which this Vimana Shatters and falls, putting out the lamps that burn before Lord Sri Venkateswara in the Sanctum, this manifestation, avatar, of the God will be over and the Kali Yuga will come to an end.

Ananda Nilayam Photo- Gallery

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