Amarnath yatra packages

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Journey Distance Details
Pahalgam to Chandanwadi 16 Km Rs.100 per person by Vehicle
Chandanwadi   3 level Security.
Yatra Starts from this Point.
Yatra Pass and ID photo ID proof required.
Chandanwadi to Sheshnag 12 Km Rs.1200 – Rs.2000 per person By Mule.
Rs.200 to Carry one Luggage Bag to Sheshnag
Walking Stick Cost Rs.20 for Support.
Chandanwadi to Pissu Top 0.5 Km Hard Trekking.
Pissu Top to Sheshnag   Narrow path.
Mules not allowed at one point.
Sheshnag To Panchatarani   By Mule/ Walk/ Palki
Panchatarani to Sangam   By Mule/ Walk/ Palki
Other Modes    
Chandanwadi to Amarnath   By Palki (Dolly):
Rs.10000 per person
Pahalgam to Panchatarani   By Helicopter:
Rs.2750 per person for one way
Baltal to Panchatarani   By Helicopter:
Rs.1600 per person for one way

Total No.Of Days: 4 to 5 Days.

Daily Quota: 9000 devotees per day.

Temple remains open for 45 days.

Amarnath Yatra Notification will be released every year on Feb 4th week or Mar 1st week.

From To Distance
Pahalgam Amarnath Cave 48 Km
Sheshnag Wavbal 3 Km
Sheshnag M.G.Top 4 Km
Sheshnag Amarnath Cave 20 Km

Amarnath Yatra Packages Timings

  1. 6:00 am Starting from Chandanwadi
  2. 2:00 pm – Reach Sheshnag
  3. No Entry from Sheshnag to Amarnath Cave after 2:00 pm. Gates will be closed even during Poor weather conditions.
  4. Tent for Stay at Sheshnag: Rs.300 per person.
  5. Gates from Sheshnag opens at 6:00 am.

Amarnath yatra Packages Instructions

  1. 3 months advance booking allowed for Yatra registration
  2. No entry for under 13 years and above 75 years.
  3. Entry is available for 13 – 73 years.
  4. Health Certificate is mandatory for the entry.
  5. 18 tests will be performed from the registered health centres.
  6. Spot Registration and Fitness test centres available in the Srinagar.
  7. Yatra Spot Registration fee: Rs.150 per person.
  8. Fitness mandatory for the Spot registration.

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