Aksharabhyasam Cost, Pooja Procedure, Benefits and Online Booking

Men Dress Code: Dhoti/ Pancha in White colour. Must remove shirt and Vest during this Pooja. Upper cloth in white colour is preferable.

Child must be dressed in traditional wear (In white color)

What is the good day for Aksharabhyasam?

  • Vasantha Panchami (Magha Shukla Panchami) Goddess Saraswati birthday.
  • Advisable to perform Pooja on Moola Nakshatram day during Dasara. (Asweeja Month Moola star day)
  • Panchami Thithi during Navaratri.
  • Rathasapthami (Magha Suddha Sapthami) Sun God birthday.

Good Thithi: 2, 3, 5, 7 and 10

Good day: Mon, Wed, Thu and Fri

Good star: Aswini, Punarvasu, Pushyami, Hastha, Chitha, Swathi, Anuradha, Sravanam and Revathi

Good Lagna: Mesha, Tula, Makara, Karkataka

Tarabalam is a must for Aksharabhyasam. It is advisable to perform on these Nakshatra days, Sampath Tara, Kshema Tara, Sadana Tara, Mitra Tara and Parama Mitra Tara. Please skip Janma Tara.

It is mentioned that those who perform Aksharabhyasam either on Vasantha Panchami or Navaratri Moola Nakshatra day will be blessed with abundant knowledge and will reach good heights in their career. Vasantha Panchami whole day is good for this Pooja.

Performing during Shukla Paksha is advisable for this Pooja.

Which month is good for Baby Boy and Baby Girl?

For the Boy, Performing Aksharabhyasam on Even months is preferable. For Girl, Odd number month is advisable. It is advisable to perform this Pooja in Uttarayanam.

What is the right age for Aksharbhyasam?

It can be performed in the 3rd year. This Pooja can be performed at Home or Saraswati Devi Temple or Dakshinamurthy Temple or Hyagreeva Swamy Temple. In Sastra, it was mentioned that Akshara Sreekaram should be performed on the 5th year 5th month and 5th day. 3rd year running or 5th year running are advisable.

Aksharabhyasam Pooja Procedure

Required Pooja articles

  • Slate
  • Slate Pencil
  • Garlands and White Flowers
  • Akshinthalu

Perform Ganapathi Pooja followed by Saraswati Pooja, Vishnu and Lakshmi Pooja. Lord Siva and Goddess Gowri Pooja. Have to start with Sree – Om Namaha Sivaya – Siddham Namah. Father should hold the child’s finger while writing the letters and the child should spell the Mantra. Make sure that your child donates Bhagavatham.

Guru (Teacher) should sit facing East. Pour rice into a place and write the letters on the rice with the Gold Pen/ Jewel. Shishya should sit facing Guru. This marks the end of Pooja.

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