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The Lord in the Upper Hill is said to be Swyambhu i.e self-manifested. There are two popular legends for the derivation of the word Ahobilam. It is said that the Devas while witnessing the ferocious form of the Lord and the terrific aspect he took on in order to tear to pieces Hiranyakasyapa sang in his praise

‘Narasimha Paramam Devam Aho Balam Aho Balam’

and hence the name.

Another version is that because of the great cave, the Ahobila, where Garuda worshipped and realised the Lord. The place itself is come to be called Ahobila.

This Temple is the only place where all the nine forms of the Lord Narasimha Swamy are worshipped. It is said that the entire Nalmalla Hills from Kurnool to Chittoor is a personification of Lord Adisesha himself whose tail end is Srisailam, whose middle is Ahobilam and whose head is Tirupati.

There are inscriptions which refer to Vikramaditya of the Western Chalukyan Kings of Kalyan (1076 AD – 1106 AD) worshipped the main deity of this temple. King Krishna Deva Raya has also visited this shrine on his return from the conquest of Kalinga and made offerings to the deity.

How to reach Ahobilam Temple?

By Air

  1.  The nearest airport is at Tirupati / Hyderabad.

By Train

  1. The direct train is available from major cities in India to Kurnool

By Road

  1. Kurnool to Alagadda to Temple.

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  1. Hi, My self and along with my wife want to visit Ahobilam nava Narasimha temples. But we are senior citizens having BP and sugar problem. I have visited your website gotirupati.com and had some information. How ever we can only decide our pilgrimage after getting adequate infmn. Do you have any transport arrangement for all the nine temples for elderly people?