Aghora Pasupata Homam Procedure Cost and Timings

Aghora Pasupata Homam: Cost, Procedure and Benefits

What is Aghora Pashupatha Homam?

Use Aghora Homam to defend yourself and Shupatha Homam to fight off intruders. Agora Homam aids in avoiding harmful substances. When there is an unknowing presence of strong negative energy, Pashupatha Homam works better. Additionally, adversaries launch a vicious and horrible attack in various ways. Other names for this homam include Pashupatastra homam and Aghorastra homam.
Lord Shiva and Kali’s deadly weapon is the Pasupatastra. Depending on the circumstances, this weapon can be unleashed in several ways. Srisailam temple (Dwadasa Jyotirlinga) Sthala is highly preferred for such Poojas.

Pooja duration: 2 hours to 2 hours and 30 minutes.

No.Of days Pooja: 1

No. of persons allowed: One family

Preferable Dress Code: Men must wear a Dhoti and upper cloth and Women must wear a Saree or Chudidhar with a Dupatta

Lord Siva’s five forms are Ishana, Tatpurusha, Aghora, Sadyojata, and Vamadeva. The Aghoraa form symbolises Agni tattva (fire), which can destroy evil and all negative energies. It is believed that this Homam can protect one from all evil designs by one’s enemies.

Pooja Cost: Rs. 18,000 to Rs.45000

This pooja is to be performed as a single or couple.

Aghora Pasupata Homam Pooja procedure

  1. Aghora Sankalp with the gotra, nama, and nakshatra of the performer.
  2. Ganapathi Pooja
  3. Punyahavachanam
  4. Pashupatha Sankalp.
  5. Vinayaka pooja marks the beginning of the pooja. This pooja will remove all hurdles for the performer.
  6. Kalshaa Sthapana.
  7. Kalasha pooja invoking Grama Devatha, Kula Devatha and all other deities
  8. Aghora Japa
  9. Pashupatha Jap.
  • Two priests will run through the Pooja procedure
  • Whoever performs the Pooja is allowed to sit next to Homa Kund.
  • The priest will be giving the instructions to the devotee.
  • The priest will pour ghee into the Homa Kund while reciting the mantra.
  • All Pooja articles are included in the Pooja cost.

Aghora Pasupata Homam Benefits

  • Those who have been suffering from 7 and 1/2 years Shani Dosha
  • Suffering from Astamashani
  • Suffering from Artha Astamasani
  • Seeking a Good Job, Career, Education and Health
  • Removes Dosha related to marriage and abroad travel
  • Removes hurdles in work
  • To overcome financial loss and Business Growth
  • Removes evil effects
  • Protection from enemies’ evil acts

This puja is highly advisable for Dhanush Rasi, Makara Rasi, and Kumbha Rasi.

Best Days for the Pooja

  • Maha Sivaratri day
  • 9 days after Maha Sivaratri
  • The first Saturday after Maha Sivaratri
  • As suggested by the astrologer

Aghorastra Mantra

Aum Aagoraaya Namasthubyam Ghora Ghora Tharayacha, Sarva Mruthyum
Vinashaya Aaghoryay Namo Namaha

Aum Hreem Spura Spura, Praspura Praspura Ghora Ghora Thara,

Thanu Roppa Chada Chada Prajada Prajada Kaha Kaha Vama
Vama Bandha Bandha Khadhaya Khadhaya Hum Phat Swaaha!

To Speak to Pandir, Please call or WhatsApp on 701-303-3309

Kindly note that a minimum of 7 to 10 days of booking is advisable for this pooja.