Aadi Varaha Swamy Avathar

About Aadi Varaha Swamy Avathar and Stay in Tirumala Hills

One of the Avathar of Lord Maha Vishnu is the Aadhi Varaha Avathar, who was created from the sacred ritual, yajna. God lived on the sacred Venkatachala mountain.

Aadi Varaha Swamy Avathar

The sage Bharadwaja told Arjuna how Lord Maha Vishnu had taken the form of the Varaha Swamy to save the Earth from cataclysmic waters. The Earth was sunk low in the deepest of worlds, covered with great layers of waters. Knowing the state of the Earth and the dangers Bhu Devi faced, God, adopted the form of Varaha Avathar, which was the most suitable for lifting the Earth out of deep and dangerous waters.

The Varaha Avathar was sacred. It was generated from the sacred ritual, yajna, with the fire as His tongue; the Vedas as His four legs; the place where the yajna was conducted as His body; the mantras as His power. Every part of him derived from the ritual and He was the same as the yajna.

There was darkness in the depths in which the Earth was submerged. But The Varaha Swamy brought light to the region with the brilliance of His curved tusks. There, He found the Earth hidden under seven undergrounds worlds. Balancing the Earth between the snout and the curved tusks, Lord Varaha brought Bhu Devi (Earth) out of the depths of darkness and out of the deadly waters. He rose out of the waters with the Earth safe, those who witnessed the event praised God with gratitude. Then, The Varaha Swamy placed her in the middle of the seas and supported her with His power.

Once the Earth was safe and stable again, the process of Creation was restarted as before.

Varaha Swamy and Venkateswara Swamy agreement

According to the Varaha Purana, Aadhi Varaha manifested Himself on the western bank of Swami Pushkarini. When Lord Vishnu came down to Tirumala Hills, he met Lord Varaha and informed him about His desire to stay there till the end of Kaliyuga. Lord Varaha Swamy agreed and Lord Narayana took the form of Lord Sri Venkateswara and remained on the Southern bank of Swami Pushkarini.

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