23Feb Tirupati Darshan Updates

23Feb Tirupati Darshan Updates, Crowd status and Waiting time

22Feb Tirupati Darshan Updates

  • VQC II compartments: All filled
  • Dharma Darshan time: 24 hours.
  • Crowd status: High
  • The devotee’s darshan line running out of compartments.
  • 56,837 devotees had Darshan till 6:00 pm
  • Divya Darshan: 7 hours.
  • Crowd status: High
  • Supadam Darshan: 2 hours 15 mins
  • Special Entry Darshan: 2 hours
  • Senior Citizen Darshan: 1 hour.
  • 30,508 devotees offered hair at Kalyanakatta Tirumala
  • 68,076 devotees had Darshan on 21Feb
  • Weather: Sunny in the morning hours and low temperatures in the evening hours.
  • Room allotment waiting time: 6 to 7 hours.
  • Waiting time high at Kousthubham, CRO office and Padmavathi Guesthouse.

23Feb Tirupati Darshan Updates

  • VQC II Compartments: All filled
  • Dharma Darshan: 15 hours.
  • Divya Darshan: 7 hours.
  • Crowd status: High
  • Weather: Sunny
  • Senior Citizen Darshan: 1 hour
  • Supadam Darshan: 2 hours
  • Special Entry Darshan: 2 hours.
  • Waiting time high for room allotment as all rooms are filled.

Tirupati and Srikalahasti Temple Updates

Tirupati Temples Utsavam

  • Sahasra Kalasabhishekam will be held at Kodanda Rama Swamy temple today at 6:30 am. Ticket cost Rs.500.
  • Sri Kodanda Rama Swamy Hanumantha Vahanam at 7:00 pm today in Tirupati.

Srikalahasti Brahmotsavam Updates

  • Srikalahastheeswara Thiru Veedhi Utsavam at 9:00 am Today
  • Morning Hours Vahanam: Adikara Nandi and Kamadhenu Vahaam
  • Evening Hours Vahanam: Gaja Vahanam and Simha Vahanam

Kanipakam Temple Updates

  • Crowd status High
  • Darshan waiting time: 60 to 90 mins for Dharma Darshan
  • Special Darshan: 30 mins waiting time
  • Ksheerabhishekam: 7:30 am to 8:00 am and 5:45 pm to 6:15 pm

23Feb Tirupati Darshan Updates

Crowd status high due to continuous holidays. 24 hours overall waiting time for Dharma Darshan. Divya Darshan ticket counter might close by 9:00 am at Alipiri Mettu and 11:00 am at Srivari Mettu. Rooms are not available at CRO office. Advisable to plan your stay in Tirupati.

23Feb Tirupati Darshan Updates

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