Tourism Places in Tirumala

Tourism places in Tirumala

Interesting Tourism places in Tirumala. Like Natural Rock Formation at Sila Thoranam and S.V.Museum Tirumala, where one can explore old Tirumala Photos and Other Inscriptions.


  • Sila Thoranam
  • S.V.Museum

Sila Thoranam Tirumala

As per History, Lord Venkateswara came to Tirumala in search of his wife. She He had reverence towards the sage Brigu Maharshi, even though the sage had insulted him by kicking Him on the chest, the place where his wife Mahalakshmi was there. He stood at the Top of Tirumala, which is now called SRIPADAM.


On the way down from Sripadam to Tirumala, there is a place called SILA THORANAM. Here natural rock depicts Lord Vishnu’s Sangu, Sakram, Thiruman and his Abhayakaram.

During excavations in the 1980’s on a mound of earth in the jungles 1 km. North of the temple where it was believed that some information lied buried about the Lord’s transformation into rock, a very rare phenomenon of two different sets of rocks connected together in the form of a thin link was found. This formation is known to exist elsewhere only at the 4 fingers of Texas and somewhere in Australia. This is pretty small in size relatively but what makes it unique and astounding is that nowhere in rock formations known to exist on the Indian soil have been found to be of this type and also, the height of The Lord confirms exactly to the distance of the pinnacle of the arch from the foot of the same! Also, two other formations excavated along with resemble the celestial conch and the discus that are the Lord’s possessions. These have not been carved even remotely. They are formed naturally very mysterious indeed! This geological arch is a very rare spectacle in the world. This arch (older than the Jurassic age) is 25ft in length, l0ft in height. Pilgrims must make it a point to visit this wonder of the world during their Tirumala trip.

S.V. Museum Tirumala

Sri Vari Museum is located next to the Karnataka Choultry. Tourists coming to this museum can see some of the beautiful pictures, artifacts and sculptures that depict the history of the main temple. It also houses scriptures and photographs, which can be viewed by the visitors all round the year. This is a newly built museum, which has free entry for the visitors.

Sri Venkateswara Dhyana Vignan Mandiram is a museum, which started its operations in 1980. It is also a meditation centre, where spiritual visitors can meditate and offer prayers. There are several religious artefacts like pooja utensils inside this museum. The hall for meditation is functional all round the year and is an ideal place for making peaceful meditation


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    • Dear Sir,

      Sorry for the late reply. It is direct darshan today for Divya Darshan. Rs.300 tickets counter is available at VQC II complex


  2. I am working as senior scientist in DRDO Ministry of Defence Am i eligible for L1 or L2 Break darshan whom to contact

    • Dear Sir,

      VIP break darshan applies for protocol officials. I doubt bout L1 or L2 in this case. It would nice if you can get recommendation letter so that you can avail break darshan in Tirumala


  3. saravana kumar chellakani

    we are 2 adults and 2 childs reach srinivasam previous day. and book darshan ticket next day at 1-2 pm slot. before darshan we have to go for hair offer. and my question is to cover pabavinsam, akas ganga theertham, and venugopal swamy temple.
    1. what type of vehicle available auto or call taxi
    2. howmuch cost to cover these three
    3. total time to spend
    please inform thanks

    • Dear Sir,

      1. Private jeeps will be run all the time from sapthagiri guest house or CRO office.
      2. It will not cost more than Rs.20 per head.
      3. It will take more than 2 hours 30 mins – 2 hours 45 mins to visit all these places


  4. dear sir
    where is padmavati temple, is it near main temple.. please help how to go there from main temple

    • Dear Sir,
      Padmavathi Temple is 5 km from Bus station. Plenty of buses/share autos are running from Tirupati Bus station to Tiruchanoor Temple


  5. Dear Sir,

    The efforts put by ‘Go Tirupati’ team towards this online forum for getting up to date information/ query resolution is really commendable!!
    I request your advice on the following queries –
    Our family (7 adults and 1 infant) are planning to visit Tirupati this september and we plan to book for the Rs 300 darshan the next day. We will be staying at the srinavasam guest house and intend to do the mundan (tonsuring) of my 1 year old daughter before visiting the temple. Kindly let us know

    i. how early a slot we could book so that we could also cover a few nearby places such as the Akasaganga and Sila thoranam on the same day.

    ii. Do we need to book for the mundan at the Rambagicha guest house in advance?

    iii. What is the best way to cover the aforesaid places in terms of transportation (can we book any package)?

    iv. we have our return reservation from renigunta station at 9:00 a.m on the third day, would we be able to get cabs, buses for the same from Tirupaty in the morning?

    Thank you

    • Dear Madam,
      1. Please book 11 am-12 pm so that you can cover other places easily
      2. Mundan ticket to be purchased only at the counter at Rambagicha Tonsuring entrance only. No advance booking required
      3. No need for any package. Private jeeps runs to all these places with high frequency
      4. Bus frequency is high to Renigunta. No need for cabs to reach this place.
      Please let me know if you need more details

  6. Hi Kamal Sir,

    Our family is planning to visit Tirumala on (22nd June).6 adults with 1 infant (18months).
    I have already booked 300rs darshan tickets and 500rs (3 with 3 logins). But unfortunately 2 of my inlaws could not come. I am sure that we cannot cancel darshan tickets. We have cancelled train tickets.

    1. Please let me know , Is it possible to cancel the room reservation?
    2. Me and my husband planning to go by walk from Tirupati. We will be reaching Tirupati on June 22nd by 11pm. Which is the best path we can take. Darshan is booked on June 23.
    3. 23rd evening by 6 we have to return by train. What are the nearby places possible to visit?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Dear Madam,
      1. Room or darshan cancellation is not available.
      2. Srivari Mettu close by 6 pm so it is only Alipri Mettu which is open at 11 pm
      3. Akasa Ganga Theertham, Papavinasanam, Chakra Theertham, Sila Thoranam, Srivari Padalu can be covered in Tirumala

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